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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Star Trek: Voyager

Character Analysis: Star Trek Voyager somehow overshadowed Deep Space Nine in the mid-nineties because it was actually about space travel. It took me awhile to get on board, but it ended up being a quality show from beginning to end.  However, I still maintain DS9 had more intriguing characters, or do they?  Let's explore Captain Janeway and her motley crew...

Captain Kathryn Janeway (portrayed by Kate Mulgrew) - Best Guess: ISTP - Captain Janeway is really the closest comparison to Captain Kirk after you really look at them deeply.  While Kirk may be that ESTP-like used-car salesman-type, Janeway lets her actions do the talking.  They both share the similar disregard for authority, they both did their own thing, and they really like to utilize the "tools" around them.  She certainly respects the principles of Starfleet regulations and has all of the loyalty as you would expect in a ranking officer, but when you get right down to it:  She does what she wants.  While Picard delicately worked around the Prime Directive, she stomps on it.  She may have been the best Captain to handle Voyager's situation. - Strongest Letters(s): TP

Commander Chakotay (portrayed by Robert Beltran) - Best Guess: INFP- Perhaps the most soft spoken of the crew, and obviously influenced by his Native American heritage, Chakotay is seemingly always on a spiritual journey of sorts.  Maybe he can be stated to be an ISFP--the type that works well with nature, I don't know, but I am going to lean towards the N-side because so much of his beliefs and actions come from within than as a response to the concrete world.  Whether an INFP or ISFP, this seems to be a very unfit portrait to serve as a ships first officer.  Though, you have to give him credit for balancing out Janeway's lack of regard.  So in this way, it worked.  - Strongest Letters(s): NP

Lt. Tuvok (portrayed by Tim Russ) - Best Guess: ISTJ - It's really hard (or actually easy?) to type a Vulcan.  Like many of the alien species in Star Trek (or all of Sci-Fi actually) they tend to be less developed and more clichèd, in comparison to the humans.  Really, all Vulcan's are ISTJ's.  Or Maybe INTJ's.  They really don't waffle outside of those confines.  They follow rules and regulations (very SJ), unless logic dictates them to break it (so perhaps an NT?).  There is not a single Vulcan that is either E or P in Star Trek (assuming they have control of their mental faculties).  So there you have it:  ISTJ, with no real change here really between Tuvok or any other Vulcan I have seen (ok, T'Pol was slightly different, but I believe that was more likely a result of poor writing).  - Strongest Letters(s): TJ

Lt B'Elana Torres (portrayed by Roxann-Biggs Dawson) - Best Guess: ISTP - Everything written about Tuvok, probably applies here when it comes to alien stereotypes. Though B'Ellana's half human side does influence her development slightly.  She is as STP as most Klingons.  Though she is much more introverted.  Worf was most definitely an introvert, but I believe he actually was been well-developed for an alien.  He had a back-story that made him more reserved thant you woukld expect from a Klingon.  And this is probably true with Torres.  Ultimately, she, like Janeway, likes to let her hands do the work; so she fits in well with the ISTP mold. - Strongest Letters(s): TP

Lt. Tom Paris (portrayed by Robert Duncan-McNeil) - Best Guess: ESTP - Yet another STP on board Voyager.  It's amazing they were able to escape the Delta Quadrant in one piece (although they did offend about almost every species they met).  Paris is extremely gregarious.  A smooth-talker.  There is no denying his portrait of an ESTP.  His con-man past fits right up.  Though one of the most likable crewmen on board, I'd say his development slightly lacked (except the expected turnaround from con-man to father); really, there really isn't much more to say here. - Strongest Letters(s): SP

Ensign Harry Kim (portrayed by Garrat Wang) - Best Guess: ISTJ- Kim, like Parris (and ironically best buds), really weren't given the proper depth that some of the others had.  He started out as a rule-following, just-out-of-the-academy, wet-behind-the-ears walking clichè, to ... well, not as wet-behind-the-ears, but still a rule follower etc etc -- well you get the point.  He was an SJ.  Really the only crewman (human) that we were introduced to who was normal, without the baggage, and did his job.  He was most definitely an I in that he often relied on Tom to do the talking for him. - Strongest Letters(s): J

Nelix (portrayed by Ethan Philips) - Best Guess: ESFJ - Neelix is a textbook example of an ESFJ.  "The Provider".  This was his entire function of Voyager. He was happy, loved talking about feelings and making others feel good.  Of course his knack for hosting was his most obvious way of showing this.  Now, early on, pre-Voyager, he was involved in some shady areas, and he was great at improvising, so you can almost see some ESFP/ESTP type qualities buried within; but with Neelix, it always comes back to his role as the ship's provider.  Of food, social gatherings and so on.   - Strongest Letters(s): ES

Seven of Nine (portrayed by Jeri Ryan) - Best Guess: ISTP - One of the most polarizing characters within the Trek community (and clearly a ploy at boosting the ratings), Seven is actually a surprisingly clever character with likability.  Of course, she was also a walking stereotype and never developed beyond this (with the occasional move to "humanity" in which Janeway tried to developer within her).  As one would expect from a Borg drone, she had little or no emotion (maybe slightly more by the show's end), disregarded all rules, hierarchy and has little pleasure in social communications.  She is clearly an I-TP.  One might make a case that she is an INTP.  Perhaps her scientific background or general lack of SP qualities, but with the non-human of the show (well, she is technically human but I think you get it) typing is not an easy (or realistic) thing.  She is impulsive like an SP and also lets her hands to the talking as seen in "The Crafter" portrait.  So, INTP or ISTP, take your pick. - Strongest Letters(s): IT

The Doctor (portrayed by Robert Picardo) - Best Guess: ISTJ - content Here we go again, trying to type a non-human.  The Doctor is a computer program.  So it is obvious he is not programmed to go against ... his programming.  He also gets really irritated (and doesn't deal well with) interruptions   This all points to STJ.  Since his programmer apparently forgot to instill any social "sub-routines" within him, he is obviously introverted (I).  His reach for humanity and stepping outside of his programming doesn't really do anything to disprove any of this.  Perhaps one can make a case for an N.  Especially in the way he practices medicine.  I believe he is ultimately more inline with an SJ portrait. - Strongest Letters(s): ITJ

Kes (portrayed by Jennifer Lien) - Best Guess: INFP - Kes was the closest thing Voyager had to a ship's counselor.  And her emphathic ways really drove home the NF side of her.  All in all, emotions really sums up her character.  If Kes is around, you know feelings will be discussed and a softer side of things displayed.  (And do we have yet another poorly developed character here? Yes.) - Strongest Letters(s): F

So, there you have it.  Voyager seemed to be dominated with the STP-type.  Which means lots of action, lots of rule breaking and lots of overall disregard.   DS9 clearly had better characters, but Voyager seemed to be a nice contrast while both shows ran together. Definitely much more lighter and this was reflected in the cast.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sports Night

Character Analysis: This vastly underrated, drama/sitcom hybrid, from West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, that was gone far too soon after a second season cancellation is next up for character analysis.  Will this cast be SP heavy as one would think in a sports-heavy environment?

Meet the Characters

Dan Rydell (portrayed by Josh Charles) - Best Guess: ESTP - In recent portraits, I have started to notice patterns between a portrait of a character that is "healthy", and an identical portrait to one that is not.  Overall, this cast of characters seem to be very healthy for a TV show.  Dan, appears to be the exception to the rule.  As a typical ESTP, he thrives on attention, is a smooth talker, quickly involved--but less inclined to follow through.  The main aspect of his "unhealth" seems to be seen in his romantic encounters.  He is quick to approach the ladies, but seems to have an easily bruised ego if pushed away.  This has caused many moments where I questioned the nature of his T.  Though the effects of a bruised ego (especially to an ESTP) really has nothing to do with ones F-side.  Like a moth, he gets drawn back to the flame over and over, and rarely learns.  Believing in his salesman like approach, he keeps going back for more.     Strongest Letter(s): SP

Casey McCall (portrayed by Peter Krause) - Best Guess: ESTJ- Unlike fellow anchorman Dan, Casey, although another strong, male, T-personality; he is much more aggressive and motivated (J).  In the rare instances when Casey and Dan do not get along, it revolves around Casey being too assertive in acting as the "lead" man, rather than working as a team.  This is a problem that many partnerships have when a TP and TJ are working together.  The J automatically begins to assert his role and "suggest" how things proceed.  Casey, I believe, is an SJ--though not in an extreme.  He is much more traditional, conservative than Dan, chases the one woman whom he looks sentimentally on from their history together (unlike, say Dan, who can not stay focused in such a way).   Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Dana Whitaker (portrayed by Felicity Huffman) - Best Guess: ESFJ- Dana is most often seen running around the office stressing over her responsibilities as the main producer, or involved in complicated romantic situations were she is equally absorbed.  At first glance, she appears to have some SFP care-free type traits, but she is too high stress for this type.  As the lead producer she needs to be an organized J and she is relatively successful.  She is not one to back down, especially in a situation revolving around emotional aspects (see interpersonal relationships).  EFJ's can be easily stirred, and Dana is not one to be crossed.  On the other hand, she uses these same traits to protect and provide for those under her, taking the fall when needed.  Making sure their jobs are protected.   Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Jeremy Goodwin (portrayed by Joshua Malina) - Best Guess: INTJ - While the sports industry, and sports fans themselves are dominated by the "S" (concrete) element, many times an NT can be just as passionate.  While the SP or SJ might analyze the physical prowess, the hierarchy of the figures involved, or even the emotional impact, the NT can thrive on number crunching, analyzing data, detecting patterns, and the pure in-game strategies.  For all of these latter reasons, Jeremy, a very solid NT without question, thrives in the sporting environment; almost as the office "professor".  A man that many go to when needing critical analysis.  He is very assertive in acquiring this knowledge which leads me to believe that he is a J, not a P.  In a stroke of TV fantasy (or is it?) Jeremy, an awkward, introverted NT, somehow ends up romantically involved with the ESFP, Natalie (below).  While this works or not, is a fantasy or not, I am not sure.  What I do know is, they did portray very accurately of an NT in a relationship in such a scenario--once this relationship was established. Many awkward moments follow.  Jeremy struggling to grasp emotional needs, etc.      Strongest Letter(s): NT

Natalie Hurley (portrayed by Sabrina Lloyd) - Best Guess: ESFP- Natalie, the assistant producer to Dana, is a very typical SFP.  She likes to have fun, leans on her emotions, and is a kind person--though capable of venom if hurt.  Like others in this drama, she is of a "healthy" nature and is able to complete her responsibilities as a producer.  Typical to her portrait, she has fun doing her job (it helps that she is true sports fan) and because she works within a group of people in a lenient environment (where ESFP's thrive), she is able to have success where sometimes SP's may fail in terms of responsibility.    Strongest Letter(s): FP

Issac Jaffe (portrayed by Robert Guillaume) - Best Guess: ISTJ- Issac is the quiet leader of the studio.  He is a responsible man that sets forth goals and accomplishes them.  Though a very strong TJ, and despite being the highest ranking employee: due to his introverted nature, he will only be confrontational if needed.  If it is needed, his point is clearly made.  Usually the target of these "confrontations" will fall in line as he is deeply respected as a healthy SJ should be.  Issac mixes just the right balance between friendship and leadership; he is very able in his role. Strongest Letter(s): IJ

Saturday, May 07, 2011

30 Rock

Character Analysis: 30 Rock, the brilliantly written NBC comedy. Quirky, crazy, and a cast full of characters that are begging to be profiled.

Meet the Characters

Liz Lemon (portrayed by TinaFey) - Best Guess: INFJ - Liz may be the most complex person on this cast. If you read all profiles here, you will find that most are exaggerated in their types; and usually at a drastically unhealthy level. Liz, appears to be no better off, but one might wonder if it is simply a product of what she has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Her head is often somewhere else, she is unfocused on what is in front of her. Highly uncomfortable in social, concrete situations. She is a definitive N. In her clashes with her staunchly NTJ superior, she usually walks away flustered. (A clash between an INFJ vs ENTJ with different principles can lead to an ugly situation.) Jack Donaghy wins every time (and as her boss, winning a verbal spat simply means policy is now implemented). Liz is thus thrown in a Lion's Pit where she is forced to deal with totally unhealthy SJ's, SP's and NT's. While INFJ's (on a healthy level at least) make excellent one-on-one counselors (as Liz does with Jenna who desperately needs any help she can get), Liz is often overwhelmed and walks away completely drained after dealing with the "crazies" under her. To read more about what she has to deal with, continue reading... Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Jack Donaghy (portrayed by Alec Baldwin) - Best Guess: ENTJ - Jack is a take-charge leader with a penchant for the "big picture". Not one to get emotional, or even worry about stomping on the feelings of others (unless in the setting of a romantic relationship--he tends to loosen up), those under him know to follow his lead, and those who don't are often left behind. Much smarter than an ESTJ middle-manager, he is the leader behind a large corporation with his eye on the top seat. Jack wants authority, not to push others around, but simply to implement his ideas. In his view, he is completely qualified and shows it with an NTJ-style arrogance. Liz, (or as he likes to simply call her "Lemon"), usually is the one who has to balance his overzealous ways with the less driven group (along with the less stable) under her. Usually torn by her emotional ways, she is usually caught between Jack's win-at-all-cost attitude and balancing it with the needs of others. In the end, she usually has no chance in standing up to him and walks away with slight emotional damage (as many do when confronting an ENTJ). Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Kenneth Parcell (portrayed by Jack McBrayer) - Best Guess: ENFP - At first glance, Kenneth seems to be a true SJ. Rule abiding, organized, clean-cut. But then, Kenneth is one of those exaggerated TV characters full of conflict. So looking deeper into his motives, I believe he shows much more in the way of an NF. He is extremely idealistic, never sees the bad of any situation, not practical like an SJ in any way (and SJ's tend to be pessimists), Kenneth is not just a half glass full type, he is a glass full and overflowing. He tries to change others for the better and personal relationships are extremely important. Yes he is organized, but he is not an FJ who tends to break down under changes. Kenneth is well prepared for change (P) and has proven to be a adaptable. Especially in his constant dealings with the erratic Tracy and Jenna. Strongest Letter(s): EF

Tracy Jordan (portrayed by Tracy Morgan) - Best Guess: ESFP - Tracy is an extreme ESFP. Every single trait of his are completely imbalanced. Probably, most prominent of them all is his F-side. Almost every line that comes from his mouth (besides being extremely loud) are motivated by pure feeling. He is easily classified as one who is needy. Needs to be coddled. Needs to be needed. He is extremely sensitive and therefore requires the presence of Grizz,, and Kenneth to give time constant attention at all times. Without attention, he would literally (okay, maybe not "literally") wither away into nothingness. Along with his lack of "professionalism" (usually seen in his casual attire and speech), Tracy also focus much of his time with many physical vices that are usually traits associated with an SP. Naturally, as an ESFP Performer, he obviously succeeds as the star of TGS as an over-the-top comedian. Strongest Letter(s): EEEE FFFF !!!!

Jenna Maroney (portrayed by Jane Krakowski) - Best Guess: ESFP - Jenna, like Tracy is an ESFP to the core and is just as extreme. However, because they have different balances in different traits, they do have strong differences as well. Jenna, is also what we call "needy" and appears to be at a much more unhealthy level than Tracy is in this area. They both exhibit signs of very strong F qualities that impact their daily decisions. One noted difference is that Jenna is much more of a concrete thinker (S) than even Tracy (how is this possible?). Almost every thought and worry that comes to her mind revolves around superficial issues; issues that can only be seen in front of her. Unlike Cerie (below) who seeks attention in massive amounts (possibly because of a privileged, egotistical upbringing), Jenna does seek this out as well--but for much different reasons. She has deeply ingrained emotional hurt and is constantly seeking some sort of confirmation of her worth and does this by acting out in front of others. Strongest Letter(s): EEEE SSSS !!!!

Pete Hornberger (portrayed by Scott Adsit) - Best Guess: ISFP - Pete is a difficult one to profile. So let's establish what we know. He is not overly conservative, and seems to display no evidence of organization, promptness, and at times can appear disshelved. I just don't see any evidence of Pete being an abstract thinker either so everything thus far can rule out NT, NF or SJ. He seems to be a sensitive person (almost in an unhealthy way) that shows an F side. He is clearly introverted and seems almost intimidated by pressure applied from others (I). So at this point, he appears to be an ISFP. Out of all 16 profiles, ISFP's are known for being the most gentle type, caring and artistic. I'd say Pete is at an unhealthy level in most of these traits, but he does--in his own unique way--seems to show his "niceness" to others. Usually shown through his close relationship with Liz. Strongest Letter(s): IF

Frank Rossitano (portrayed by Judah Friedlander) - INTP - Dirty, insensitive, grimy, and pervy. Frank is a classic TP, at a very unhealthy level. Looking at the utilitarian style of dress, this alone shows his inner NT. (His choice of hats also seems to be another indication due to the required innovation.) Neither clean, nor motivated, he is a definitive P. Not the Schemer of an NTJ but an architect of possibilities of an NTP. He sits back and lets the world react to him, not the other way around. . Strongest Letter(s): TP

Cerie (portrayed by Katrina Bowden) - ESFP - Cerie seems to have been born into a life of privilege. She believes in really nothing but her own worth. Her dress (or lack of) easily indicates an SP "trending" style. Never focused on much of anything, and always found worshiping her own image, she seeks attention constantly. Not for overcompensation (see Jenna), but simply because it feeds her inner battery (E). Her ESFP is slightly less expressive then Jenna or Tracy, and that is because her F side is much more in check and her extroverted qualities does not come in the form of words, as much as attention whoring. Strongest Letter(s): SP

Toofer (portrayed by Keith Powell) - Best Guess: ISTJ - Toofer, always conservative and uncomfortable with the SP antics of Tracy and the NT carelessness of Frank, he simply wants to fit in as SJ's often do. Being a part of the "institution" being a key trait. Because Toofer has strong T trait's he is much better at tolerating those around him than an SFJ would. Toofer is usually only contributing to a conversation when called upon. When he volunteers dialog, it is usually to the point. He is one who is never much for conversing (I). Strongest Letter(s):IT

Eventually, I will profile Lutz, but I don't quite get the character yet. Suggestions? Pass it on!

So, overall, this cast is full of SP's and N's--two obvious traits found in show business.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kobe Bryant -- Professional Basketball Player (NBA)

Kobe Bryant - Best Guess: INTJ - Introverted, reclusive, driven, manipulative, and a schemer, Kobe Bryant, I beleive, is a very strong INTJ.

Most people that have followed his career know that he began extremely introverted, and has a no-nonsense approach to his career. He was the Yin to Shaquille O'Neal's ESFP Yang. If Shaq was the joker, the lover, and the playmate--Kobe rarely talked to the public, did not smile and was fixated only on bettering his skills. At the cost of his reputation with the public--and even teammates. Kobe was--and still is--a definite I. As time has passed, circumstances have forced him out of seclusion as he has been the unchallenged team leader every since Shaq departed. He has been forced to speak and lead by example--even if it means forcing a smile or two. Once his private life became public in 2003 after the events of claimed marital infidelity, etc., he had to scheme his way into a new public image. It meant being playful on the court, joking with the media, "volunteering" to do radio interviews--everything changed. Even the once clean-cut Kobe (J) one day appeared with several visible tattoos in an image make-over. No, Kobe, did not have an SP's wild night that drunkenly allowed this to happen--it was planned as an NT would plan. (For an SJ would rarely have made this sacrifice to their conservative image.)

I believe Kobe's personality is extremely unique for his circumstances as there are rarely any NT's in professional sports. But when there is, they stand out from the crowd as most NT's would not choose professional sports unless logic dictated it to them (i.e. extreme skill & natural ability). It would not surprise me if Kobe, after his professional basketball career, succeeded in his next journey as he is extremely gifted on his mental capacities. At the same time, he may revert back to his reclusive state and keep a very low profile and we may never see much of him again...

And finally, a note on his playing style. Many NT's recognize their abilities as superior to those around them. Kobe clearly sees this as an opportunity to pick up his team and lead them on his back. While, he is very egotistical towards his abilities and guarded about his image, I do not believe he is showboating as an SP would (...and most in the NBA are SP's...). He simply wants to win. And if that means doing the work himself, he will take all of the shots. On the other hand, now as a veteran in the league, he has seen that basketball is a team sport and there is more involved than just scoring points (i.e. as seen in the 2004-2006 seasons). So with his strong J mentality, he has kept his drive in check--and has kept extremely focused on not carrying the entire load and allowing the team to come together. It is the ultimate INTJ war within himself. One side says he has to carry the burden being the superior one (NT), while the other side (TJ) is balancing this out...

While I have made a strong case of Kobe's INTJ traits, he does have some exceptionally strong ISTP qualities as well. Isolated on a journey by themselves, driven in their art, and good with their hands. Ultimately I do not believe the individual letters match up as Kobe is a strong J. Strongest Letter(s): ITJ

Friday, April 03, 2009

Manny Ramierez, Baseball Player

Manny Rameriez - Best Guess: ESFP - Manny is a blatant ESFP if I ever saw one.

He is a jokester, always casually playing with teammates, highly emotional (always wearing a huge smile)--all F signs. He doesn't think before making decisions (P). For example, pushing an old man around? Really? His unkempt dreadlocks scream SP to me. He is usually the center of attention inside any clubhouse and loves every second of it (E).

I believe each one of his letters are near extremes. Although, he does have uncharacteristic focus as a player; but does physical ability really influence personality? No. However, he is extremely disciplined and it shows by arriving early and practicing religiously. This has nothing to do with SJ rule-following (and take a look at Manny and one easily would confirm this), rather, when it comes to perfecting one's 'art', Manny is a true SP. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Character Analysis: We will now look at NBC's Heroes, the show with a large cast ensemble, most of which are filled with powers--sometimes quirky, sometimes destructive. [These reviews are only based on the characters first 2.5 seasons... in this type of show the characters are ever evolving. The majority of these profile are based on their introductory persona's.]

Meet the Characters

Claire Bennet (portrayed by Hayden Panettiere) - Best Guess: ESFP - Cheerleader. Duh? Her strongest trait must be her F side as she is fighting strong emotions in every episode. Making practical, logical choices is not her strong suit. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Noah Bennet (portrayed by Jack Coleman) - Best Guess: INTJ - Always plotting and one step ahead of his enemies (J). He is prudent and will bend the rules if it benefits his needs. In a sincere twist, he strongly cares for the welfare of his family, but not in an SJ traditional style. Rather in a strongly utilitarian manner. Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Mohinder Suresh (portrayed by Sendhil Ramamurthy) - Best Guess: INFJ - Always working in a lab isolated (IN), Mohinder works for the greater good (NF) and strongly believes in the principles of what he is doing in an almost NT-like fashion. However, I will settle on Suresh as an NF in that he does have strong feeling for people. Strongest Letter(s): NJ

Hiro Nakamura (portrayed by Masi Oka) - Best Guess: ENFP - Keirsey calls an ENFP a Champion. Hiro just loves this "superhero" role and fits perfectly in this. He is constantly talking (E) and every word is charged with emotion (F). Strongest Letter(s): ALL!

Ando Masahashi (portrayed by James Kyson Lee) - Best Guess: ISTJ - Seemingly a T, Ando spends a good amount of time worrying about what Hero's next action are (J). He does have that outwardly worldly desires of most SP's--but SJ's are very prone to this as well as an outlet for their otherwise tightly wound selves. Strongest Letter(s): S

Peter Petrelli (portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia) - Best Guess: INFP - Always walking around feeling the weight of his personal problems. Yet, Peter feels the guilt in not assisting others in their epic or even personal struggles. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Matt Parkman (portrayed by Greg Grunberg) - Best Guess: ISFJ -For one thing, Matt is a Police Officer. Usually an SJ choice. This coincides his usual conservative and cautious approach. He was upset at losing his job; upset at his wife cheating; and upset when breaking the normal routine. And in Heroes, this happens every episode; you can imagine the stress that comes with this character. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Niki Sanders (portrayed by Ali Larter) - Best Guess: ISTP - Niki is not afraid to pick up a gun and use it. And well, if she doesn't have a gun, why not use your fists? She is a fiercely independent single mother on mission. Strongest Letter(s): TP

Nathan Petrelli (portrayed by Adrian Pasdar) - Best Guess: ESTP; with some I leanings - Always looking out for his own interests; skillfully tricking the citizens to vote form him as a politician--while hiding his true personality. Nathan seems to be a balances E and on occasion needs to "recharge". He is as down to Earth as they come and doesn't have a sense of the bigger world around him (S). Strongest Letter(s): ST

Angela Petrelli (portrayed by Cristine Rose) - Best Guess: ENTJ - Extremely manipulative in an almost ESTP fashion, but even more so controlling (TJ). She has a vision (N) for her children and it will be carried out (J). Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Sylar (portrayed by Zachary Quinto) - Best Guess: CRAZY- There is no type for this one. Sylar merely has emotional issues that need to be resolved. Clearly he is a P in that he kills almost randomly without planing too far ahead. Obviously a T because he does this without much regard. Strongest Letter(s): P

Adam Monroe (portrayed by David Anders) - Best Guess: ENTP - Always witty, and taking things as they come (P), without much thought for others (T), Adam may be able to wiggle his way out of anything. He has no regard for established guidelines and lives to please his own desires. While not being close to, but not as smooth as an ESTP, he has a much higher vision than this (N). Strongest Letter(s): TP

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Juno (Movie)

Character Analysis: In my first personality profile of a movie, I have the task of dissecting the four principle characters of the critically acclaimed independent film--Juno. In Juno, I am only going to look at the title character herself, the father of her child (Bleeker), and the potential adoptive parents (Mark and Vanessa). The rest of the cast are merely side characters that were not developed to a large extent--with the exception of Juno's mother (SFJ?). It goes without saying, if you have not seen the movie, there are spoilers just ahead...

Meet the Characters

Juno MacGuff (portrayed by Ellen Page) - Best Guess: ENTP - Juno, an exceptionally well-written character has been known to turn a phrase or two (E). Often times, she is looking for reactions and to stir up a little mischief. Other times, she will just tell you how it is, without thinking about possible consequences (often, an NTP trait). Juno is a very strong T. She does not even hesitate to put her child up for adoption. Being still in high school, she immediately recognizes she is not in a position to be a mother. Therefore, it only is logical for her to give the child up. And she does it without much thought. She even volunteers to cut all ties with the baby once it is born--despite being offered otherwise. Clearly, emotions does not play in at all with her thinking. Of course even the strongest T is an emotional person too--they just keep things bottled up very easily. In due time, things will come to a head and an emotional meltdown is waiting nearby. Juno goes through this of sorts towards the end of the film, before the child's father--Bleeker--must step in to set things straight. Ironically, the one area where Juno is emotional is her romantic feelings towards Bleeker himself. Despite these feelings, she is known to act indifferent around him--that is until jealously sets in. (which can grab hold of any personality type). Looking at her appearance she dresses not to please (SP), not of what is expected (SJ). She dresses out of her own comfort and utility (NT). Strongest Letter(s): TP

Paulie Bleeker (portrayed by Michael Cera) - Best Guess: ISFP - In the Juno-Bleeker relationship, Bleeker is by far the the more sensitive, gentle, and caring of the two. He is a deeply emotional person and will fight for what he believes in. However, he will try to maintain a peaceful and harmonious relationship as long as possible before he will show this fighting spirit. Just as he tries to silently support Juno all along, he is eventually forced to go against his SFP nature and assert his opinions on her as a last resort once he feels she begins to act irresponsibly. As a long-distance track runner, he is often alone, reflective, (I) and soaking in the outdoor environment on his paths. This is a peaceful activity for a peaceful person. Strongest Letter(s): IF

Vanessa Loring (portrayed by Jenifer Garner) - Best Guess: ISFJ - Vanessa is a textbook example of an SJ. She is a traditionalist. She likes the nice suburban home, perfect family, white picket fence, with 2.5 children to care for. Although in her current situation (unable to become pregnant), she will settle for 1 child--Juno's unborn child. Looking at her house, she keeps everything clean and organized (J). Clutter is virtually non-existent. It is a "perfect" environment. Though I believe she is ultimately an I (i.e. soft-spoken), she does seem to have well attuned hosting skills, as she seems like one who enjoys entertaining others. However, this may be due to the "perfect" environment she tries so hard to nurture. In the end, we see she is a truly honest, caring woman that wants nothing more than to be a mother who is able to nurture her child to the fullest (F). Strongest Letter(s): SJ

Mark Loring (portrayed by Jason Bateman) - Best Guess: ESTP; leaning I - Vanessa's husband Mark is one who is able to put on images. While not being a full-fledged extrovert (he enjoys quiet time to himself where he can perfect his craft), he is enough of an ESTP which allows him to be smooth of tongue and to fit-in wherever he goes. Even his wife is fooled. He is a musician (another SP trait) and puts this before everything else--and in the end, including his family. The way he leads his life in this reckless manner shows strong STP qualities. Unlike his SJ wife, who is seeking the perfect family, Mark's SP years for his days of freedom and irresponsibility. Even though he can exist in such an organized environment, we see that Mark has his own music room that is far from an SJ-created environment. This is where he is able to be himself. Strongest Letter(s): ST