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Character Analysis: We will now look at NBC's Heroes, the show with a large cast ensemble, most of which are filled with powers--sometimes quirky, sometimes destructive. [These reviews are only based on the characters first 2.5 seasons... in this type of show the characters are ever evolving. The majority of these profile are based on their introductory persona's.]

Meet the Characters

Claire Bennet (portrayed by Hayden Panettiere) - Best Guess: ESFP - Cheerleader. Duh? Her strongest trait must be her F side as she is fighting strong emotions in every episode. Making practical, logical choices is not her strong suit. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Noah Bennet (portrayed by Jack Coleman) - Best Guess: INTJ - Always plotting and one step ahead of his enemies (J). He is prudent and will bend the rules if it benefits his needs. In a sincere twist, he strongly cares for the welfare of his family, but not in an SJ traditional style. Rather in a strongly utilitarian manner. Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Mohinder Suresh (portrayed by Sendhil Ramamurthy) - Best Guess: INFJ - Always working in a lab isolated (IN), Mohinder works for the greater good (NF) and strongly believes in the principles of what he is doing in an almost NT-like fashion. However, I will settle on Suresh as an NF in that he does have strong feeling for people. Strongest Letter(s): NJ

Hiro Nakamura (portrayed by Masi Oka) - Best Guess: ENFP - Keirsey calls an ENFP a Champion. Hiro just loves this "superhero" role and fits perfectly in this. He is constantly talking (E) and every word is charged with emotion (F). Strongest Letter(s): ALL!

Ando Masahashi (portrayed by James Kyson Lee) - Best Guess: ISTJ - Seemingly a T, Ando spends a good amount of time worrying about what Hero's next action are (J). He does have that outwardly worldly desires of most SP's--but SJ's are very prone to this as well as an outlet for their otherwise tightly wound selves. Strongest Letter(s): S

Peter Petrelli (portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia) - Best Guess: INFP - Always walking around feeling the weight of his personal problems. Yet, Peter feels the guilt in not assisting others in their epic or even personal struggles. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Matt Parkman (portrayed by Greg Grunberg) - Best Guess: ISFJ -For one thing, Matt is a Police Officer. Usually an SJ choice. This coincides his usual conservative and cautious approach. He was upset at losing his job; upset at his wife cheating; and upset when breaking the normal routine. And in Heroes, this happens every episode; you can imagine the stress that comes with this character. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Niki Sanders (portrayed by Ali Larter) - Best Guess: ISTP - Niki is not afraid to pick up a gun and use it. And well, if she doesn't have a gun, why not use your fists? She is a fiercely independent single mother on mission. Strongest Letter(s): TP

Nathan Petrelli (portrayed by Adrian Pasdar) - Best Guess: ESTP; with some I leanings - Always looking out for his own interests; skillfully tricking the citizens to vote form him as a politician--while hiding his true personality. Nathan seems to be a balances E and on occasion needs to "recharge". He is as down to Earth as they come and doesn't have a sense of the bigger world around him (S). Strongest Letter(s): ST

Angela Petrelli (portrayed by Cristine Rose) - Best Guess: ENTJ - Extremely manipulative in an almost ESTP fashion, but even more so controlling (TJ). She has a vision (N) for her children and it will be carried out (J). Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Sylar (portrayed by Zachary Quinto) - Best Guess: CRAZY- There is no type for this one. Sylar merely has emotional issues that need to be resolved. Clearly he is a P in that he kills almost randomly without planing too far ahead. Obviously a T because he does this without much regard. Strongest Letter(s): P

Adam Monroe (portrayed by David Anders) - Best Guess: ENTP - Always witty, and taking things as they come (P), without much thought for others (T), Adam may be able to wiggle his way out of anything. He has no regard for established guidelines and lives to please his own desires. While not being close to, but not as smooth as an ESTP, he has a much higher vision than this (N). Strongest Letter(s): TP

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Juno (Movie)

Character Analysis: In my first personality profile of a movie, I have the task of dissecting the four principle characters of the critically acclaimed independent film--Juno. In Juno, I am only going to look at the title character herself, the father of her child (Bleeker), and the potential adoptive parents (Mark and Vanessa). The rest of the cast are merely side characters that were not developed to a large extent--with the exception of Juno's mother (SFJ?). It goes without saying, if you have not seen the movie, there are spoilers just ahead...

Meet the Characters

Juno MacGuff (portrayed by Ellen Page) - Best Guess: ENTP - Juno, an exceptionally well-written character has been known to turn a phrase or two (E). Often times, she is looking for reactions and to stir up a little mischief. Other times, she will just tell you how it is, without thinking about possible consequences (often, an NTP trait). Juno is a very strong T. She does not even hesitate to put her child up for adoption. Being still in high school, she immediately recognizes she is not in a position to be a mother. Therefore, it only is logical for her to give the child up. And she does it without much thought. She even volunteers to cut all ties with the baby once it is born--despite being offered otherwise. Clearly, emotions does not play in at all with her thinking. Of course even the strongest T is an emotional person too--they just keep things bottled up very easily. In due time, things will come to a head and an emotional meltdown is waiting nearby. Juno goes through this of sorts towards the end of the film, before the child's father--Bleeker--must step in to set things straight. Ironically, the one area where Juno is emotional is her romantic feelings towards Bleeker himself. Despite these feelings, she is known to act indifferent around him--that is until jealously sets in. (which can grab hold of any personality type). Looking at her appearance she dresses not to please (SP), not of what is expected (SJ). She dresses out of her own comfort and utility (NT). Strongest Letter(s): TP

Paulie Bleeker (portrayed by Michael Cera) - Best Guess: ISFP - In the Juno-Bleeker relationship, Bleeker is by far the the more sensitive, gentle, and caring of the two. He is a deeply emotional person and will fight for what he believes in. However, he will try to maintain a peaceful and harmonious relationship as long as possible before he will show this fighting spirit. Just as he tries to silently support Juno all along, he is eventually forced to go against his SFP nature and assert his opinions on her as a last resort once he feels she begins to act irresponsibly. As a long-distance track runner, he is often alone, reflective, (I) and soaking in the outdoor environment on his paths. This is a peaceful activity for a peaceful person. Strongest Letter(s): IF

Vanessa Loring (portrayed by Jenifer Garner) - Best Guess: ISFJ - Vanessa is a textbook example of an SJ. She is a traditionalist. She likes the nice suburban home, perfect family, white picket fence, with 2.5 children to care for. Although in her current situation (unable to become pregnant), she will settle for 1 child--Juno's unborn child. Looking at her house, she keeps everything clean and organized (J). Clutter is virtually non-existent. It is a "perfect" environment. Though I believe she is ultimately an I (i.e. soft-spoken), she does seem to have well attuned hosting skills, as she seems like one who enjoys entertaining others. However, this may be due to the "perfect" environment she tries so hard to nurture. In the end, we see she is a truly honest, caring woman that wants nothing more than to be a mother who is able to nurture her child to the fullest (F). Strongest Letter(s): SJ

Mark Loring (portrayed by Jason Bateman) - Best Guess: ESTP; leaning I - Vanessa's husband Mark is one who is able to put on images. While not being a full-fledged extrovert (he enjoys quiet time to himself where he can perfect his craft), he is enough of an ESTP which allows him to be smooth of tongue and to fit-in wherever he goes. Even his wife is fooled. He is a musician (another SP trait) and puts this before everything else--and in the end, including his family. The way he leads his life in this reckless manner shows strong STP qualities. Unlike his SJ wife, who is seeking the perfect family, Mark's SP years for his days of freedom and irresponsibility. Even though he can exist in such an organized environment, we see that Mark has his own music room that is far from an SJ-created environment. This is where he is able to be himself. Strongest Letter(s): ST

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Character Analysis: Let us now look into J.J. Abram's college-life drama of Felicity--a show noted for its low talking characters and darker lighting. I believe with these thematic elements this will be an F heavy show. Let us find out...

Meet the Characters

Felicity Porter - Best Guess: ISFP; with N leanings - ISFP's tend to be the most gentle and caring human beings. They are very sensitive and compassionate (F) and they do not seek to cause friction all the while trying to avoid confrontations. This perfectly describes Felicity. Most of her sensitive and emotional moments come from her own self-examination of her own feelings--almost in an N-like introspection of oneself. She is not quick to judge others or come to fast decision on her own. She is always searching for the possibilities (P). Like many ISFP's, Felicity is extremely artistic and has a passion for drawing. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Noel Crane - Best Guess: ENFJ; with SJ leanings - Noel is an incredibly complicated character. For a male, he has a very good handle on his emotions and is not afraid to make decisions based on his feelings (F). He is a very driven person (J) who succeeds academically and even in his employment choices after college. Because of his J'ness, he pursues (and is made) an RA (Resident Assistant). This job requires him to deal with fellow students on a one-on-one basis and for Noel to give out help and advice. Being an NF, he has a strong care for others and succeeds in this helping assignment. Part of his attraction to Felicity may be as a person who can guide her (she being a strong P) and as a way to help her along in her decision-making while helping her become a better person. Strongest Letter(s): NJ

Ben Covington - Best Guess: ESTP; leaning heavily towards ISTP - Ben is a great example of an SP. He is into sports and athletics (STP), not very concerned about education, and is of an extremely impulsive nature--often making decisions that he regrets later. Most of the romantic drama surrounding Ben involves him trying to figure out his feelings as they do not come very easy for him to display (T). Because Ben has such strong I inclinations, he does not force his will on others like many ESTP's. Ultimately he is an extrovert that requires social stimulation. Strongest Letter(s): STP

Elena Tyler - Best Guess: ESFJ - Felicity meets Elena in the class room where they eventually become lab partners. Because of Elena's strong J inclinations, this becomes an intense rivalry. Though this does mellow out as the two become close--and roommates--Elena shows she is strongly focused on her academics and she works hard to succeed (SJ) and prove that she can be successful despite come from a poor background. Strongest Letter(s): SJ

Sean Blumberg - Best Guess: ENTP - Sean is an involved person who is constantly occupied by his new ideas. One never knows what direction he is headed next. Unlike the rest of the cast here, Sean is not a college student and is in his late twenties. Rather than traditionally settling down, he lives by himself in a New York City loft (until the show progresses that is) and he doesn't appear to have a traditional 8-5 job. He merely is an inventor coming up with new innovative ideas that all seem to stem around the NT desire for great efficiency. For example, why waste time cutting and spreading cream cheese on a Bagel when you can just have the Bagel infused with cream cheese beforehand? Chalk that one up to Sean. Strongest Letter(s): ENP

Meghan Rotundi - Best Guess: INFP - Meghan is often "taxed" when it comes to a social setting, and she is intensely private when it comes to her personal dealings (I). One needs to only look at her attire and tattoos and enigmatic appearance to see she does not have a J bone in her body. She does not have a concrete view of the world but lives in the imaginary world of a "Wicca" type setting (N). She clearly does not act on logic and has no use for INTP qualities and interest like examining small electronic objects and wondering how she works. That means Meghan is an INFP. As an INFP, she seems to have chosen her odd course to compensate for some hidden feelings. Strongest Letter(s): NP

Julie Emrick - Best Guess: ESFP - Julie is extremely emotional, always seeking to have a good time (EF). In fact, like many SFP's, she is musically inclined as a singer, songwriter and a talented guitar player. Her relationships are often conflicted and ultimately end in disappointment or uncertainty. (P) Strongest Letter(s): FP

Javier Clemente Quintata - Best Guess: ENFP - Javier, Felicity's manager at her Dean & Deluca coffee shop job, most obvious trait is his emotions. He is a hard core F. An as an F, he befriends Felicity and becomes a mentor in sorts. They develop a much closer relationship than the casual friendship. In the way that Javier treats her and cares for her it is almost in an NF idealistic manner. He is quick to detect her feelings and inquire of them. Being an EF, he is quick to express his emotions to anyone who is willing. - Strongest Letter(s): FP

As expected, this cast is F and P heavy, thus especially appealing to a certain audience (SP, NF) by far more than another. (NT's, SJ's)

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Character Analysis: Surprisingly the first Star Trek series (and perhaps only series?) that I have reviewed here is the vastly under-appreciated Deep Space Nine. Maybe it did not get very much love because of its dark setting and flawed characters. But for these very reasons I believe--in terms of strictly drama--it surpassed all other Trek film or television. Ultimately, however, it is the well-developed and deeper set of characters here that has intrigued me to profile this series.

Meet the Characters

Captain Benjamin Sisko - Best Guess: ESFJ; slight leanings towards ENFJ - Ben Sisko is the most complex Captain/Commander in the Star Trek universe. I believe first and foremost, Sisko is an SJ. He strongly believes in command structure, tradition, guidelines and he lives in the past. While he is an E, it comes very balanced. He can often be seen in his office by himself lost in his own thoughts. However, he loves to entertain, initiate conversation, and sometimes blurts his thoughts out loud--all signs of an extrovert. He is very emotional, despite seeming rigid or even stoic at times. He is a man with intense passion (F). When he feels strongly about something he will move to his NF side and try to be a difference-maker for the welfare of others. He sometimes shows glimpses of the N aloofness, though when he is giving commands he is clearly grounded. He does display T attributes on occasion, but I believe he is merely doing his job--and as a man with strong SJ inclinations, he must act responsibly. Ultimately, I believe it is his run in with the Bajoran "prophets" that has led Sisko to develop his NF side. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Major Kira Nerys - Best Guess: ENFJ; slight leanings toward ESFJ - Kira, the stations second-in-command, is a tough one to figure out and profile. Not only am I unsure of her S/N, her T/F is almost as difficult to figure out. So let us first look at what we know. I believe the way she walks--face first--into confrontation shows that she is an E--still a balanced extrovert, however, as she often needs time to "recharge" as well. Even so, a true introvert would have a difficult time taking the lead as Kira often does. She is insanely focused on her tasks and missions, and does not tolerate disorganization--physical or otherwise. J may be her strongest trait. I will settle on her being an F due to the fact that she is often moved to action. For example, her anger towards the Cardassian occupation--and her hated of the Cardassians themselves--moved her to join the resistance cell. To answer the S/N question, one must look at the overall situation. Is she an NF or SJ? I believe she can play both roles but leans slightly towards her NF side due to the fact that her actions are often prompted for the greater cause. Of course, she is a strict rule follower and can enforce them as an ESJ. Kira has no problem making Quark miserable if she detects any dishonesty and she works well with Odo who is the textbook example of an SJ. All in all, Sisko and Kira work well together because their personalities are virtually identical. Strongest Letter(s): EJ

Jake Sisko - Best Guess: ENFP; possibly INFP - Jake is an adventurer and wants nothing more than to explore the universe and to learn and experience the adventures that can be found outside of his father's stationary life in Starfleet. Sometimes enthusiastic (ENF), other times deeply reflective (INF), Jake sometimes has and exhibits a "moody" side (F). Like many journalists, Jake's intent is to help do good by spreading "the truth" of life in the more difficult parts of the universe. Strongest Letter(s): NP

Constable Odo - Best Guess: ISTJ - Odo is an inspector. He is the guardian of what is--not just right and wrong--but what is lawful or unlawful. Almost nothing is successfully pulled underneath him without him knowing. He is an extreme introvert (I!) and has virtually no need for people, who merely get in the way of him accomplishing his job (T). His strongest desire is to lead his people--the Founders--back into an upright way of life where they can--first be brought back to justice--and then change their ways to what is thought to be "lawful". Strongest Letter(s): ITJ

Chief Miles O'Brien - Best Guess: ISTP - O'Brien as an ISTP makes for the perfect mechanic. He has a hands on attitude about most things in his life and rather just get down and dirty rather than taking the time to think things through (P). Strongest Letter(s): TP

Doctor Julian Bashir - Best Guess: ENFP - Dr. Bashir may be the most enthusiastic member of this cast of characters. He is often portrayed as a young and naive person who has an idealistic impression of the universe. Even when the realities of the station that is Deep Space Nine starts to sink in to Bashir, he still is a man full of empathy, who readily attends to his patients. He is a man of goodwill who wants to display goodness to all people and he is always ready to drop what he is doing in order to help others. We saw this in one episode where he was concerned about curing the manufactured drug addiction that the militaristic and hateful race of the Jem'Hadar have been enslaved too. He would never be found organizing great medical environments and learning centers, but rather would be on the field working with and amongst the dangers he faces. On Bashir's interpersonal relationships--most notably with Dax (romantic interest) and O'Brien (close friend), he views them in a very idealistic manner and has an extraordinarily close bond with them. Strongest Letter(s): NF

Jadzia Dax- Best Guess: ENTP - Though appearing to be only a young woman, by the name of Jadzia, she is a member of the Trill race that are joined in a symbiotic relationship with a "symbiont" named Dax. Dax has had many other hosts besides Jadzia and has lived for hundreds of years. Their personalities are thus joined and melted into one... So what we have is the outgoing and spontaneous Jadiza (EP) who has the experience of the Dax symbiont. She has lived many lives on many worlds and has developed opinions about anything and everything. She is interested in a wide range of hobbies and loves to learn. It is no wonder she is the Science Officer aboard Deep Space Nine. She roughs it up with Klingons and jokes with the Ferengi despite their sexist comments directed towards her; she is a T that is learned to be very thick-skinned. She does not have the smoothness or conversational skills of an ESTP and so she clearly is an ENTP who likes to learn the tidbits, debate the facts, provoke for reaction, and adventure new surroundings. Strongest Letter(s): NP

Worf - Best Guess: ISTJ; leaning towards ISFJ - Worf, in Deep Space Nine, has not changed his personality from his days on The Next Generation. Being from a race that obsesses over tradition and hierarchy, and coming from a background in security, Worf is clearly an SJ. Most of the time he'd choose walking barefoot on hot coals as opposed to conversing with someone on a casual level (I). Though often showing emotional outbursts, (F) he only acts in a logical fashion (T). Strongest Letter(s): IJ

Quark - Best Guess: ESTP - Do I really even have to profile Quark any further than stating that he is a an ESTP? Well, for those that can't see this, let's just say this: His entire existence is based on turning a profit. He has no loyalty other than to wealth. He would sell his own mother if it meant an extra bar of gold-pressed platinum for him. He is quite successful at turning a profit because his ability to sell and his ESTP influenced quality of "smooth talking". If it was not for the extreme SJ nature of Odo (that borderlines obsession), Quark would possibly have been far more successful in his "business" dealings. In addition to his ESTP nature, he has all the qualities of an SP that thrive on stimulating feelings that benefit the "here and now", in very worldly driven display of pleasure, comfort and luxury. About the only redeeming factor to Quark is that every rare once in a while, he will allow that deep down he is fond of the assigned Starfleet crew and even sometimes there is a hint of feeling of closeness with Odo--despite their intense rivalry. Strongest Letter(s): ST

Nog - Best Guess: ESTJ; leans ESTP - Nog has an extremely conflicting nature. In one sense, he is in the mold of his uncle Quark. From the age of his early teens he was focused on making a profit and scamming others to do it. Like the typical SP child he found himself often in trouble. Eventually he inexplicably joins Starfleet where he begins to exercise his SJ side. I believe this structured life suited Nog more naturally than his SP Ferengi upbringing. And to clinch that Nog is a J, he is extremely neat and can not tolerate disorganized environments. Once in the military, he has no qualms about ordering people around (TJ). Strongest Letter(s): ST

Rom - Best Guess: INTP; borderline INFP - Quark's brother, Rom, not the typical Ferengi in any way is more concerned about using technology and working with his hands. His social skills are virtually inept (I), but his ingenuity to make, build and design are off the charts. He is not a very strong T as he has shown a considerable amount of empathy for others. He is extremely aloof in the way NP's typically are, and is not very observant outside of technology matters. Strongest Letter(s): IP

Gul Dukat - Best Guess: ESTP - This Cardassian has no heart (T), and is perhaps the most manipulative character here. While Quark's ESTP is based on turning a profit, Dukat's is power and authority. His own authority. He is an extremely outgoing person that tries desperately to act like he cares and that he has your feelings in mind--but is is never more than an act. He always has motives to every act of kindness he seemingly displays. While he does have qualities of an ENTP (provocation, for one), he has SP trait's such as lovng power and living in the here and now. He acts on his impulses, not on a sense of rational intrigue. Strongest Letter(s): ET

Garak - Best Guess: ENTP - Garak is easily the most enigmatic character here. One never knows who he is, or where he stands. Does he have his own agenda? Or is an admirable ally? If one is around Garak, one should never expect boredome to follow. Full of intrigue and knowledge, Garak will find a way to make you squirm. Whether it is him cutting corners or helping others, he will keep you on your toes. Strongest Letter(s): ET

Weyoun - Best Guess: ESTP - Weyoun's race (and all clones of "Weyoun" himself) was engineered with the sole purpose to be negotiators. Who else would you want to negotiate for you than an ESTP? The acclaimed master of words? If Quark's ESTP Motivation is profit, and Dukat's power, then Weyoun's is loyalty; to the Founders: his makers, his "Gods". The Weyouns excel at manipulating and maneuvering other's to complying with their own agenda. And they say anything with such an pained expression, that is often comes off as fabricated. They are essentially too good at what they do, that it gives up their goals in the end. Strongest Letter(s): ET

Interestingly, NT's are usually drawn to watch Star Trek, but this cast is NF heavy. But the very essence of Star Trek is one of an idealistic nature so it goes without saying. NF People in an NT setting.

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Character Analysis: If you want to be technical, Dilbert was actually a cartoon television series at one time; thus staying with my pattern that I seemingly only profile television series. (Although I never stated this was my intent.) However, the Dilbert profile here is largely influenced by the actual comic strip--more so than the TV cartoon. While, the series was underrated and underwatched, it is the comic strip that has been a fixture for almost two decades now. Being the setting here is inside an engineering company, I believe there will be many NT's involved in these profiles. Let us now examine the world of Dilbert...

Meet the Characters

Dilbert - Best Guess: INTP - Dilbert is the quintessential engineer. Yes, a terrific problem-solver, and an astounding architect, but naturally having no social abilities whatsoever (I). He is often frustrated with his inept co-workers and the inefficient environment of a cubicle-inhabited world. Most of all, however, his annoyances mostly originate with his immediate supervisor--the Pointy-Haired Boss. Being an engineer, and by default a strong P, he has very little effect on changes to his environment and will never really find the resolve to quit his job or attempt to make any changes himself in order to adapt. It is what it is, with Dilbert, and his life is something that he must just put up with and endure. Strongest Letter(s): NT

Dogbert - Best Guess: ENTP - Like many ENTP's, Dogbert is an entrepreneur and an idea man. He can be seen taking part in many new activities and jobs. Some in an office environment, others in his own private time. Either way, never sticking with one very long. Unlike his ENTJ cousin--who takes the lead and sticks with it to the end--Dogbert quickly loses interest. He is merely a knowledge collector. He is incredibly intrigued by putting this knowledge to work in the real world and using Dilbert as a guinea pig. More often than not, Dogbert's mischievous activities cross the line to what is decent. But in the end, Dilbert somehow learns from the experiences--making Dogbert seem not that evil. It goes without saying that this dog is not a rule follower and makes his own way in life however he sees fit. It is one day at a time, with Dogbert. There's no rush. Strongest Letter(s): NP

Wally - Best Guess: ENTP - Wally is an engineer and can be technical minded if he choose. However, he has no time for loyalty, respect, or results. He is more interested in doing whatever he pleases. He does not understand--or more accurately--does not appreciate structure and organization that, for example, an SJ would. While he is very capable of doing his engineering job, he is more interested in creating a stir with his workmates and observing their reactions. An office environment has not melded very well with Wally. Unlike Dilbert, Wally's TP is so strong that he is just non-caring and jaded about a great many things. Given the right leadership, Wally may actually be productive one day. Strongest Letter(s): NP

The Pointy-Haired Boss - Best Guess: ESTJ- This nameless boss can never be mistaken for someone who looks at the big picture. He acts on whatever is put in front of his eyes, and usually goes with it--despite it usually backfiring in his own face. Being a strong, yet unhealthy T, this Pointy-Haired Boss makes for bad middle management. He does not understand anything that is even remotely close to what is thought as being logical (thus, "unhealthy"), yet he has no personal empathy for people or their feelings. This results in many unpopular ideas that backfire. This is often the source of frustration with all the employees underneath him--particular those who are. tech-oriented. Strongest Letter(s): ES

Alice - Best Guess: ESTP - Alice is a smooth-talker that shows the uncanny ESTP trait of manipulation. Whether it is her coworkers, Wally, Dilbert, or even if it the Pointy-Haired Boss, she is often seen orchestrating things in order to get her own way. At times, she may even be guilty of doing this merely for amusement. She has been known to talk her way through many of these situations rather smoothly and the other person involved never even saw it coming. Strongest Letter(s): ET

Ratbert - Best Guess: ENFP; with INFP leanings - Ratbert swings between the carefree world of an ENFP, to that of an INFP dealing with his inner turmoils. I believe Ratbert by nature is an extrovert (E) who gregariously approaches Dilbert in conversation on a regular basis. He seems to have a lonely streak and is looking for companionship and love (F). Because he was once a laboratory rat, and is often demeaned by the other characters, this has taken a toll on Ratbert's personality and it shows by his neediness that pushes him into INFP-hood. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Catbert - Best Guess: ENTJ - Catbert takes the lead in all things evil. Unlike Dogbert, who is seen actively taking part in high-profile jobs and activities that take a large amount of ingenuity--not for the sake of evil intent as much as his own satisfaction and curiosity, but he eventually loses interest and moves on. Catbert, however, as the chief of Human Resources has found his niche and stays with it. He uses his job to manipulate and torture the office workers at any given chance. He relishes in his role of letting workers go. The way he aggressively pursues this and then sticks with it, show me he is a solid J. Strongest Letter(s): NJ

The Garbageman - Best Guess: INTP - This garbage man is too smart for his own good. It seems if he was more extroverted and more of an aggressive J, he would have talked his way out of the trash industry, and into the seat of an executive. In the meantime, he is content with sharing his knowledge and solving problems for Dilbert and Dogbert and keeping his low profile. Strongest Letter(s): IN

Bob the Dinosaur - Best Guess: ESFP - Bob is cheerful, easy going, and likes to have fun (FP). He clearly does not take things too seriously. He is known to be the King of Wedgies after all (E). Enough said? Strongest Letter(s): EP

Tina the Technical Writer - Best Guess: ESFJ - Tina is easily the most easily offended person in this office. And she is quick to pass emotional judgments back at you--without seeing the big picture. This is very typical of an unhealthy SFJ. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Asok the Intern - Best Guess: XXXX - TBD! This profile is still in the works. It appears he is eager and always looking for reassurance so he might be an F. Or is just a naive T?

Not only was I right about the NT observation, but this is an NTP heavy cast of characters. This does make sense since the creator, Scott Adams, appears to be an XNTP himself.

Monday, July 07, 2008


Character Analysis: Delving into the world of spies, we now comes to Alias. One would initially think this world is full of NT's here. Let us see if this is the case...

Meet The Characters

Sydney Bristow - Best Guess: ISFJ - As tough as Sydney is, as much as she relies on her own physical process and dynamic fighting ability, she really is a sensitive person deep down that at times is extremely emotionally. She is able to control these feelings (usually) and channel this energy to help her focus on her strong abilities of instinct and survival. She does not fight just to fight, she is on missions that uphold the greater good so she can live in a world where her family is kept safe and where justice (SJ) rules. Strongest Letter(s): IJ

Jack Bristow - Best Guess: INTJ - Jack is the most strategic individual on this cast. Many of his missions require him to always plan for the next step. He is exceptional at being on top of tying up all of the loose ends (J). This is very helpful in his most dangerous objective, that is to remain close with his arch nemesis--Arvin Sloane, yet not reveal his true intentions. He has to watch his tracks, always. And at the same time, worry about the next step he will take. His off again and on again strained relationship with his daughter, Sydney, usually stems from the fact that he is not very effective in displaying or sharing his feelings, as one needs to do to be successful in an familial relationship. But like most NTJ's, he is more worried about family efficiencies then family closeness. Strongest Letter(s): NJ

Michael Vaughn - Best Guess: INTJ - They say you--assuming the reader is female--marry your father. This is what Sydney Bristow will eventually do. Vaughn is essentially a younger version of Jack Bristow, perhaps with a better handle on his personal feelings. He makes up for this in his relationship with Sydney. He is able to manage it effectively (for the most part)--something her father was not able to do. Like Jack, Vaughn is calculating and will do whatever it takes in order to get what needs to be done. He will break the rules if the rules hinder him to exercise his own sense of justice. He is perfect in black ops as this often requires him to be innovative as an NT would. Strongest Letter(s): IT

Marcus Dixon - Best Guess: ISTJ - Dixon is an ISTJ that has simply chosen the wrong path. In the first couple of seasons he is working for Sloane, and serving Sloane loyally. He will make sure that all of Sloane's instructions, missions, etc. are carried out tot he fullest. And the rules will not be broken. Dixon is on a mission to uphold the law (SJ). However, he is unaware of Sloane's true identity and affiliation. So it is no doubt a crushing blow to Dixon when he finds out that his actions are contrary to what is right and lawful. Later on, when Dixon ends up on the right side of the law, working for an actual lawful organization, like many STJ's, he finds himself in charge. He has a tendency, when in this situation, to be unbending--even to those who he is close to, such as Sydney. Once again, regulations comes first. By the end of the series, Dixon, is no longer in charge, but still on the right side of the law and makes a valuable asset to the team. This is the best role suited for an ISTJ. Strongest Letter(s): SJ

Arvin Sloane - Best Guess: INTJ - The most calculating character, Sloane always has a plan (J) and is extremely goal-oriented. His plans will be carried out and his ideals enforced. At times, it seems he borders on obsession with these things (i.e. Rambaldi, his daughter Nadia, his sickly wife) in an unhealthy and unbalanced manner. While Jack has a caring side to him, and just does not know how to express himself in this area, Sloane's INTJ has an exceptionally strong T. He is as cold as they come. He will develop many close friendships, but instantly turn on any given one if it endangers any of his plans. His twisted ideals come before all. Strongest Letter(s) NT

Marshall Flinkman - Best Guess: INTP - Marshall is the ultimate INTP. He is absent-minded (NP) in all things that do not have to do with his technological gift of brilliance. Socially, he is as awkward as they come (I). He often talks nervously and says too much than he needs to because he is not comfortable when communicating. Strongest Letter(s) NT

Julian Sark - Best Guess: ENTP - Sark, though like Sloane is an NT antagonist, he is on the opposite side of the spectrum as an Extroverted Perciever, as opposed to an Introverted Judger. He simply takes things as they come, has no loyalties, waffles between criminal organizations, does whatever suits him at the moment. He does not have an agenda other than living a life that keeps the boredom away, a fact many NTP's constantly fight. Strongest Letter(s): TP

Will Tippin - Best Guess: ISFP; borderline INFP - Will is easily the nicest character listed here. He is just a down to earth, honest-hearted individual who just happens to fall into several bad situations because of his chosen associate. Namely, Sydney. It is really a pain to see all the on and off suffering of Will through seasons 1 and 2 of Alias--whether it is the emotional betrayal he at times may feel or the physical torture he endures. He deserves so much better! He is clearly a victim of circumstances. In any other life, as an ISFP, Will is the type of person that should be included in your circle of friends. Will also seems to have an NF nature as well, and part of this is displayed in the way that we truly wants to help others and to be someone's "soul mate". As a terrific journalist, he can help spread his ideals of goodwill. (No pun intended). Strongest Letter(s): FP

Eric Weiss - Best Guess: ESFP - If Will is the "nicest" of all the characters, Weiss is the friendliest; as ESFP's usually are. While not a performer in the strictest sense, he is witty and quick to liven up a boring discussion with a joke or two. He is very sensitive to the feelings (F) of others and will quickly initiate conversation (E) with you if it looks like you are having a bad day. In his last act on the series, he is seen breaking (a minor) rule in order to help his friends. He doesn't think twice about this as is usual for an SP. He has the desire to do field work, but it is just not a welcoming setting for any F-outside of SydnEy. He usually stays indoors. Strongest Letter(s): EF

All in all, and it looks like our suspicions were right as there is a heavy NT core to this cast within the main characters. There is also a strong SJ (law abiding) element. It is after all, the CIA.