Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Character Analysis: The characters on 24 do not last for a long time. Most are killed off or are never heard from again. So despite the limited information we have on some, let us try to see why each one acts the way they do.

Meet the Characters:

Jack Bauer - Best Guess: ISTP - Jack is the quintessential ISTP. He is very impulsive (P) and prefers to use his tools (weapons, fists, etc.) over word (negotiating, discussion, etc). There is nothing overly deep about Jack's persona. Like most SP's, the rules do not apply to him. He does what needs to be done in order to get things done. He is the ultimate utilitarian and an SJ's worst nightmare. In one circumstance, he even allowed himself to become dependent on heroin in order to fulfill an assignment. He has no boundaries or limits of what he will or will not do. Even when he tries to maintain a low profile, the need for excitement (or simply the boredom) usually brings him out of hiding. Outside of the well being of his own family, Jack does not have time to search out his feelings. He is simply a machine and every emotion is bottled up. On occasion, he will let his guard down and express regret, joy, or sorrow. But this is only done at the end of a long days work... Strongest Letter(s): TP

Chloe O'Brian - Best Guess: INTP - Chloe is socially awkward (I) and is best utilized when in front of a computer where her specialties far excel that beyond of a normal user. This is simply a trait of an NT. She always speaks what is on her mind and it is often done without any common tact whatsoever. Traditional values do not really apply to her. Most things she says are related to her logical beliefs (T). She simply speaks what makes the most sense. If you are annoying, she will tell you to go away. It is just the logical thing to do. Strongest Letter(s): IT

Tony Almeida - Best Guess: INFJ; slightly INTJ- When convenient, Tony will follow authority. But if there is any doubt about intentions or execution, Tony will do things his own way. It was once said he has a Master's degree in Computer Science. Combining this with the fact that he seems to care about the most efficient ways for things to be done, he seems like a solid NT? He has no trouble working alone if needed (I) , and often plans his next move (J). This sometimes directly clashes with Jack's extremely impulsive style. With this being said, Tony is known for overreacting based on his emotional inclinations. Strongest Letter(s): IT

President David Palmer - Best Guess: ENTJ - The always calm and collected (T) Palmer makes for an ideal President. He is charismatic and knows how to please those listening (E). He gets things done in an efficient, and sometimes an unconventional matter if that is what is needed. He trusts his instincts over SJ traditional philosophy. He is always deliberate in his actions and will seek a second opinion if needed. Of course, that does not mean he will concede his responsibility. He is never afraid to make the hard decisions. Strongest Letter(s): J

Michelle Dessler - Best Guess: ESFJ; possibly ISFJ - Michelle tends to be a rule follower (SJ) and thus is promoted to head of CTU at one point. Of course, on occasion she will have to break them because this is what happens when you are an SJ that considers themselves as Jack's friend. While being an F, she does a fairly good job at keeping her emotions in check. She always tries to think things out rationally before she acts. She tries to leave personal bias in the back seat whenever possible. Sometimes, however, it is simply too much for her to maintain this logical disposition, so in the end, she does what she feels is right (F). But at least she is very balanced in this regard. And because she is not a very strong E--if an E at all, she does not force her emotional judgments (FJ) on those around her. When she does control CTU, however, she definitely takes control as a J would. Strongest Letter(s): F

Mike Novick - Best Guess: ISTJ - Like most ISTJ's, Mike is a terrific assistant who can take care of the "paperwork" and loose ends (IJ). Of course, he does not assist in small matters; he is the assistant to at least two different Presidents. He is so concerned about the chain of command (SJ) that he wants his object (Palmer, Logan, etc) to raise themselves as high as they can go. It is extremely difficult for him to go against the rules. However, we know more than a couple of times, after a lot of convincing and proving that he is supporting the wrong ideals, he can be reasoned with (T). Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Kim Bauer - Best Guess: ISFP; possibly ESFP - The easiest aspect of Kim to distinguish is her appearance. She dresses like a typical SP teenager in that she dresses for style and looks. She is a person of impulsive emotional responses and usually because of this she finds herself in trouble, and inevitably, make things harder for her. and her father Jack. This show does not have room for many SFP's, so no wonder why she was essentially written out. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Audrey Raines - Best Guess: ISFJ - Audrey is more concerned about protecting the law rather than enforcing it. Her sensitivity (F) and concern (SJ) balances out Jack's rigid STP nature very well. Being a friendly-minded guardian, she does well in her job as a liaison between different government agencies. ISFJ's can be very good diplomats. They stand up for what they believe in without burning too many bridges along the way. Audrey is a very peaceable person. Strongest Letter(s): IF

Wayne Palmer - Best Guess: ESTP - If Wayne's brother David is the logical one, than Wayne is the impulsive. When it comes to tough decisions, they do not come very easily for him (P). The marital affair that Wayne was involved in at one time shows his lack of foresight, thus reinforced his P. He made out best when he was David's Chief of Staff in season 3 by handling the controversies of the administration in such matters as the chaos created by Sherry Palmer. His tough-minded disposition would not be influenced by her wily ways. He was a Marine for several years, thus cementing his STP nature. One can see that he smoothly talked his way into The Oval Office after his brother's death. Strongest Letter(s): P

Curtis Manning - Best Guess: Possibly ESTJ or ISTJ - Curtis is quick to take charge and the rules will be followed under his watch (SJ). Being a field operative Curtis is no doubt a T. He may be an E because he is quick to supervise, but he is not one to say more than what he needs to. Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Sherry Palmer - Best Guess: ENFJ; possibly ESFJ - Sherry is a schemer (J). Most of her schemes are related to her own personal glory or her radical ideals (NF). She is aggressive in the way she conducts herself and is not afraid to create conflict (EFJ). She becomes so emotionally vested into the political life that when she is forced to abandon it after David dismisses her as his wife and from her office--she cannot tolerate such treatment and begins to follow and even more radical and wayward course. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Aaron Pierce - Best Guess: INFJ - Aaron, intensely private (I), has shown that he cares about doing the right thing, even if it means his own danger. Being a member of the secret service, he must care about the welfare of the President above all. However, he quickly abandons this position when he learns President Logan is up to no good. No, he will not blindly do what he's told to do, but he will do what is best for the country (NF). Strongest Letter(s): IJ

President Charles Logan - Best Guess: ESTP - Logan loves to be "the face" of the people. When things are going fine he is confident and tries to appear likable. But when the going gets tough, he simply does not think things through. He is not acting on emotion, he is merely a T that makes really bad judgment calls. While the public may be fooled by this President, those inside his inner circle see what a coward and fraud that he is. It seems he rose to power based on words and promises. Strongest Letter(s): P

Bill Buchanan - Best Guess: ISTJ; possibly ISFJ - Bill is a quiet man (I) who thinks before he acts (J). Despite starting off as a hard-nosed rule follower, he does eventually mellow out and will respond well to reason as he becomes a invaluable to Jack. Strongest Letter(s): SJ

Christopher Henderson - Best Guess: INTJ - Henderson, Jack's mentor, is a mastermind. In his only season on the series, he is involved in a very complex plot--and he is behind most of it (TJ). Clearly not a rule follower, he left the world of law enforcement and the military, in order create a more efficient system. Being a specialized sniper in the military, one would often have to be alone (I) and deliberate (J). Strongest Letter(s): NJ

Secretary of Defense James Heller - Best Guess: ESTJ - Heller is a patriot and a politician. The way he treats his children--he is adamantly opposed to the radical political ideals of his NF son, and he prefers keeping Audrey away from Jack who has a knack for a dangerous lifestyle--shows his conservative ideals (SJ). He will always choose duty over personal feelings (T). Strongest Letter(s): TJ

After reviewing each of these individuals, there is no pattern I really saw here. I expected more STP's due to the nature of the show. But because Jack is such an extreme example--and the only person who is regular on this show--his personality is pushed in the forefront.


Dave(INTP) said...

I love "24" myself.

I agree with most of your typings. I would say that your best guesses are right for all of them- I would go with ISTJ for Curtis. ISTJs have no problem being a boss if that is necessary to get the job done.

I notice there were three important characters you didn't type. They were all gone after the third season. I have ideas on the types of them.

First, there is Terri Bauer- Jack's wife. In the beginning of the first season, they were separated and Terri was kidnapped by bad guys along with Kim. I think the one thing about Jack and Terri is that they were near opposites in personality. Their parenting techniques towards Kim were very different. Terri was more disapproving of many of the things Kim did than Jack. Terri was a Guardian and Jack (definitely an ISTP) is not a control-freak with Kim. This made Kim have a better relationship with Jack in the first season.

I would say that Terri is an ESFJ. At one point in Season 2 when Jack talks to Nina about exactly the kind of person she took away from him- Jack describes her as a person who can strike up a conversation with anyone and was always friendly and nice- something Jack comments, he would never be able to do himself. However, even though Terri and Jack are so different- I think they are both Sensing types. Thus, I say Terri is an ESFJ.

Nina- the mole of CTU. After Season 1, she is portrayed as a cold-blooded killer who has no remorse for anything that she has done. Given her role on the show, I am stuck between two types: INTP & ISTP. Definitely an Introvert, 100% Thinking, and she had an idea of how to get what she wanted but mostly did so by going with the flow and improvising which suggested Perceiving. I'm most likely going with ISTP.

Then there is Chase- the field agent that Kim almost married. Chase was only in one season but he seemed to be a more immature version of Jack. I am very positive he is an STP type. I haven't seen the third season in so long. It was obvious that he was supposed to be like Jack in many ways but more impulsive. I am going for ESTP with ISTP being a second choice.

What do you think?
Good job so far!

dave (intp) said...

Finally, Martha Logan.
A paranoid but good-hearted ENFP.

She and Aaron Pierce (INFJ) had that NF connection but very different personalities otherwise.

Tallulah said...

You definitely need to add Martha Logan! I agree with Dave(intp). She's ENFP. I loved her with Aaron.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, you have half of the types wrong. Epic Fail!

Anonymous said...

Tony Almeida: INFJ
Michelle Dessler: INTJ
David Palmer: ENFJ
Wayne Palmer: ENFP
Sherry Palmer: ENTJ/INTJ

Kicking Lettuce said...

Well, I have come around to Tony as an INFJ after finally seeing Season 7. He's an emotional trainwreck. I can see how the Palmers may need to be updated. I am open to change. Odd since I am such a strong TJ.

Anonymous said...

You should really reconsider Michelle Dessler in the first place. She is not a rule follower but follows logic and reason. In Season 2 (if I quite remember) she was the one pointing out to Jack that the audiotape might have been manipulated. This is very much NT behaviour. In Season 4 or 5 when Tony was taken hostage by Mandy she was willing to sacrifice him in order to save more innocent lives. Perfectly logical. If she was an F type she would not have been able to see the situation this way. Just think about Tony in Season 3 when she was taken hostage. I am strongly convinved that she best fits the INTJ description by far.

Anonymous said...

Chloe is an E. She is either ENFP or ENTP. Her assertiviness makes her align with the opposite functioning J aka ISTJ. I would say ENFP. ENTP would call orders less directly (in this case the J would come from ISFJ like behaviour).

Anonymous said...

Chloe an ENFP??? What the hell? And in what universe is an ENFP more "direct" than an ENTP? In what universe does an ENTP act like an ISFJ?? And in what universe is Chloe assertive? And in what universe do you type by looking at the opposite of normal behavior? And in what universe does "assertiveness" of any kind in any situation make one an E?? In fact in what universe is assertiveness equal to E at all? There is not a single correct statement in your post. Clearly you are trying and failing to type based on functions in a totally wrong way not supported by any theory because you are incredibly confused. What you are doing results in types which are not remotely consistent with overall behavior and thus defeats the purpose of typing in the first place. The idea behind functions is that they are internal processes which engage in suppressive, Yin-Yang like relationships to blend together to form a cohesive type. They are not individiual things which correlate to any given behaviors or exist of their own accord. That's not how it works at all. One common mistake for those new to and confused by Jungian functions. What you think is "tertiary Te" is just the fact that Chloe is a T. (Tertiary Te would be suppressed by auxillary Fi in an ENFP anyway.) The test is done like it is for a reason. That's how you type based on behavior and is how you get consistent results. Functions are looked at as an abstract takedown of a type. They aren't used for diagnostics and they aren't behaviors. Chloe clearly prefers introversion, intuition, thinking and perceiving overall. That is literally all that matters when typing, especially when typing a fictional character of all things. You're over thinking it and getting ridiculous results because of it.