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Battlestar Galactica [2004]

Analysis: Today we look at the recreation of the classic science fiction series of Battlestar Galactica. The newer series is much more complex than the original and the characters are also.

Meet the Characters

Commander/Admiral William Adama - Best Guess: ISTJ; leaning towards ISFJ - Father Adama is a reflective man (I) that is not afraid to act tough-minded on whomever it is that is standing in front of him. It could be a family member (Apollo), a romantic interest (Laura), or a close friend (Tigh). The rules will be followed on his watch, and only in the most extreme situations will he bend them (SJ). He does have a softer side where he occasionally can show a more human element. So in the T vs F conflict, he is very balanced here. On occasion, if he does feel strongly about something, he can get protective and make a decision based on an emotional response. Strongest Letter(s): IJ

Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama - Best Guess: INFP - The son of Admiral Adama, Lee is a passionate man that fights for what he believes in. We see this more strongly as the series progresses when Lee leaves the military (as one of the better fighter pilots) so he can make more of an impact on the fleet while being involved in politics. While not agreeing with Baltar's decision or reckless behavior, Lee honorably defended him at his trial based solely on principle. Lee has much on his mind to deal with in regards to his family. Most notably, his brother's death and estranged relationship with his father. Their relationship continues on a roller coaster ride for the entire series. Lee is on a mission to better himself as a person, but ultimately those around him too. Strongest Letter(s): NF

President Laura Roslin - Best Guess: INFJ - President Roslin is a strongly idealistic individual who cares deeply about the well-being of the fleet. She will act against all common and practical thinking if it involves the welfare of others. She will do this even at the cost of her own emotional conflicts that will result from these actions. Being an educator, she is often able to deal very well with people and to care for their feelings and is an excellent mediator when there is conflict. She excels when she is dealing with people on an individual basis (I). But as President, she is forced to help those in much larger circumstances. Strongest Letter(s): NF

Dr. Gaius Baltar - Best Guess: ENTP - Baltar is a master of manipulating, and is the ultimate survivalist. While being a brilliant scientist, only his ego surpasses his intelligence. Displaying a confidant demeanor (E), he is a deeply plagued person inside. Despite being responsible (inadvertently) for causing the Human Holocaust by the Cylons, Baltar is more interested in his own survival--even though he has deeply rooted feelings of guilt. He would quickly betray anyone close to him if it suited his needs. Though he is a T, as a scientist and a "logical" person, he does slowly--as the series develops--become filled with an element of insanity and religious idealism. So he is not a healthy T by any stretch of the imagination and therefore not your prototypical ENTP at all. Strongest Letter(s): NP

Captain Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace - Best Guess: ISTP; possible E - Starbuck has a notoriously rebellious attitude towards what is generally accepted as authority and she routinely bypasses the chain of command the moment it will benefit her. She is often seen being lectured by her superior ISTJ's. As with most ISTP's, Kara is fiercely independent. She is often on a mission alone--even if there are people technically with or around her. She does have strong E leanings and can be confrontational at any given moment. Strongest Letter(s): TP

Colonel Saul Tigh - Best Guess: ISTJ - Just like with Admiral Adama, you do not try to bypass the rules or the chain of command; and duty comes before all with this first officer. With Adama and Tigh leading this fleet, things are always organized and well planned. While Adama is able to explore his F side, Tigh is as hardened as any T there is and is often seen yelling at his inferiors. His STJ-STP relationship with Starbuck is always hostile. He is an extremely judgmental fellow and forces his ideals on others (TJ). Strongest Letter(s): IJ

Lt. Karl 'Helo' Agathon - Best Guess: INFJ - Helo is always fighting for what is right, especially when it comes to the human element that INFJ's often care so much about. They often can be seen assisting others to help them become better persons and (in the sc-fi world) more human. We see this with his attitude towards his Cylon wife, Sharon ("Athena"). While she is often scoffed at and untrusted, he is always seen standing up for her rights as a person. In another circumstance, he once did not believe in his superior officer's viewpoint, yet he demanded the entire crew follow orders despite an impending mutiny. Being an F, this took a lot out of Helo to be so demanding to those beneath his command. However, Helo did come to their side once he realized the principle was more important than the rules. Because of a balanced SJ attribute side, it took him a while to make these changes. Strongest Letter(s): IF

Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol - Best Guess: ISFJ - The Chief--like most ISFJ's--may be the most protective member on this crew. He wants nothing more than for those working under him to be cared for and even organized a work stoppage until all of their needs were cared for. And if they were ever to be endangered, he has been known to become irrational and act with strong emotional (F) decisions. Believing very strongly in his principles, he often becomes very judgmental under these circumstances. Like many FJ's who face unhealthy situations, Tyrol is often in a noticeably depressed state and allows this to affect his relationship with others and the decisions he makes. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Lt. Felix Gaeta - Best Guess: ENFJ - Lt. Gaeta is a young and idealistic man. He does not often see the evil that is in the universe around him and often shows strong acts of naivety. He usually expresses his feelings on a regular basis (F) and he cares very much for things to be done with consideration of those around him. He will fight for what he truly believes in. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Samuel T. Anders - Best Guess: ISTP - Like many ISTP's, Anders is a gifted athlete and was once a star of one of the popular sports that existed before the Cylon attack. After the attack, he--again, in a typical ISTP maneuver--picked up weapons and began one of the only human resistant cells on Caprica. He is very level-headed and does not make decisions based on a strong emotional feeling (T) or instincts (S). Strongest Letter(s): ST

Dr. Cottle - Best Guess: ENTJ - This doctor sees the big picture (NT). His patients will get the best treatment at any cost. If your feelings are hurt in the process, well too bad (T!). He does not have time to be the motherly type. Do you want to get well or not? Just make sure you do not impede in Cottle's efficient ways, or we will tell you about it (E). Like with many NT's, Cottle is not impressed with rank, position or power. Just get out of the way and let him do his job. Strongest Letter(s): TJ

The Cylons - They are not humans and they are incredibly unstable. They are almost impossible to type, so for right now they are not included. If any are eventually to be added it would be "Athena" (SJ or NF?) and #6 (NT?). #1 is easily an NT.

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