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Boston Legal

Character Analysis: Boston Legal is easily the quirkiest law drama written. Let us now attempt to dissect the inner workings of this ever-revolving cast. My first impression is that the employees of Crane Poole & Schmidt will be T heavy. Let us see if this is true.

Meet the Characters

Alan Shore - Best Guess: INTP; possibly ISTP - Alan Shore is one of the most well-written TV characters of the new millennium. He is so complex that I found him difficult to profile. His knack for being witty as well as quick with the tongue inside the courtroom is usually characteristics of an extrovert. Alan, however, is a quiet person and often private (I). Though he can be social with the best of them, his preferred moment is on the quiet balcony with his best friend, Denny, where they can have thoughtful conversation over a glass of Scotch. Though a sensitive person (see the way he treats and respects Denny), Alan is a T in that he can represent any person on any topic on a legal level. He is able to put his own emotions aside and argue against what he may actually believe in. And he can do this in a very convincing manner. The way he improvises, chooses principle over established rules, and is a master of words, shows to me that Alan is a very healthy NT. While many INTP's are absent-minded and often quirky, Alan has things together very well. Possibly because he has a very strong S side as well. Strongest Letter(s): TP

Denny Crane - Best Guess: ESTP - Two words: "Denny Crane". His own name being his favorite phrase, Denny is a salesman. He sells himself. One wonders how well he performed as a lawyer prior to his senility. Denny also loves guns and has been know to fire one inside a courtroom--a typical STP trait. Being married several times, and blowing through woman, Denny is far from a traditional SJ. No, he is an SP that lives in the moment and leaves his worries behind. Once he becomes bored, he moves on. Denny wants to live the good life and all the luxuries that come with it. Strongest Letter(s): ST

Shirley Schmidt - Best Guess: ISFJ - Shirley is the protector of this firm. If Paul and Carl keep the administrative duties in line, Shirley keeps the principles and relationships in order. In fact, she does it in almost a motherly way. While being an organized person (J), the paperwork is best left up to others. She has greater responsibilities to deal with such as protecting the reputation of this firm and most notably--the reputation of Denny Crane, who has lost his ability as a once renowned attorney because of old age. This is where we see she has a very sensitive side to her (F), despite showing occasional T traits. Strongest Letter(s): SJ

Brad Chase - Best Guess: ISTJ - This former Marine take the rules very seriously. Being chronically stiff, with an obvious void in humor, and always clean cut--he is an STJ through and through. It's no wonder he left the firm to become a District Attorney where he can put the bad guys away. Strongest Letter(s): STJ

Paul Lewiston - Best Guess: ISTJ - Paul is the one attorney who is never seen speaking in the court room. This, of course, is not to say that he is unable to--it is simply not his job. When he is in the court room, it is merely to inspect the proceedings. However, most of the time you will find Paul roaming the halls of Crane Poole & Schmidt merely keeping a watchful eye over this wayward firm. While not a senior partner, they have confidently given him the duty of keeping things in order as well as the menial paperwork that needs to be processed. Who else but an ISTJ can accomplish this? I just cannot see a true ISTJ being successful as a lead attorney. Obviously Paul found his niche as an administrator in the legal world. How fitting. Strongest Letter(s): IJ

Denise Bauer - Best Guess: ESTJ; possibly ISTJ - Denise is a seriously driven woman who is often bossy. One wonders if she would be effective in middle-management? I say yes. She is quick to take the lead and does not let her emotions influence her. This is seen greatly with her relationship with Brad. She easily separates pleasure and emotion. She is greatly dismayed because she must give up her legal career in order to be be an at-home mother (T). Strongest Letter(s): J

Jerry Espenson - Best Guess: INTJ; possibly INTP - Jerry is simply too smart for his own good. Like most people with aspergers syndrome, Jerry excels in one area (retaining facts) while being weak in another (social functions). This form of autism is often found in people with NT inclinations. When inside a courtroom or at the bargaining table, (and when under control), Jerry can be a wealth of knowledge and quite an asset to have backing you up. Unfortunately, he usually is unable to contain his quirks and often receives dirty looks from the opposition. One of the first woman to fall in love with Jerry--despite his many issues, turned out to be a part-time call-girl. Jerry quickly dismissed his emotions for her and refused to talk to her again. He is a strong T and everything he does is logical to him. Strongest Letter(s): NT

Clarence Bell
- Best Guess: INFP - Clarence is extremely shy (I) and often overly sensitive (F). However, what we know best about him is that he is a person without any confidence--until he (cross dresses!) and turns himself into his alter-ego Clarice. This sounds like a man who has some issues from the past to deal with. A classic INFP. What more needs to be said? Strongest Letter(s): All.

Carl Sack - Best Guess: ISTJ - Carl is perfect as Paul's successor. They basically carry the same responsibilities in this office. Unlike Paul who has a limited sense of humor, Carl can be extremely sarcastic (T). While Paul is a very strong S, Carl has some N leanings. This makes him able to be more effective as he--unlike Paul--will get directly involved and handle legal cases. He can think outside of the box like many NT's do. Ultimately, however, he is bound by the rules and does not always appreciate the incredibly outlandish cases this firm often takes on. This pushes Carl back into the box that is of an ISTJ. Strongest Letter(s): J

Katie Lloyd - Best Guess: ISFP; possibly ISFJ - Katie is very sensitive to the emotions of others. The best example of this is with her relationship with Jerry. She is extremely protective of him as he copes with his anxieties. Being perhaps the most gentle and laid-back person in this TJ office, she keeps a calming influence as the lone ISFP. Strongest Letter(s): IF

Tara Wilson - Best Guess: ESTP - Tara does not make much of an impact on this firm in many ways other than in relationship themes. As a paralegal, she merely assists with the trials. She is usually quiet, seems superficial, and dresses to be noticed, often an SP trait. But I do not believe she fits the profiles of an ISTP or ISFP. That is because she is actually an E. She is a saleswoman of sorts by selling herself through her "alluring" actions. Strongest Letter(s): SP

Lori Colson - Best guess: ISFJ - Lori seems to be a typical SJ who follows the rules. In fact, she was once a District Attorney who enforced the law. Despite being in an office where there are many "fun" themes, she is no nonsense and simply does not have the time to be involved. Her only concern is work--not to be social (I) or establish relationships. Her close friends are fellow SJ's Paul and Shirley who are also conservative. She grappled with the idea of defending those may be guilty (F). She seems to fight for principle and for what is right; this is not the law firm she should be working for. And that is why she only lasts one year. Strongest Letter(s): IJ

So not only is this a T-heavy firm, it has many STJ's involved. I suspect one would need such seriously-minded and driven type in order to succeed in this type of environment.


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