Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Basic Guide to Profiling

On this great Tuesday, the 3rd of June of 2008, it has been decided that I will analyze personalities in the style of the MBTI & David Keirsey systems. If you are not familiar with this, I suggest you go here. Because it is not an exact science, I have choose to label each profile with "best guess", because really--that is all it is. There are so many variables and sometimes people see different things. I will start off with a pop culture twist.... fictional personalities. And then see where it goes.... And now a basic synopsis for those too lazy to do the research:


These are the 16 personality traits (grouped in the 4 master categories) based on the studies of David Keirsey.

The SJ's

ISTJ Guardian Inspector
ESTJ Guardian Supervisor
ISFJ Guardian Protector
ESFJ Guardian Provider

The SP's

ISFP Artisan Composer
ESFP Artisan Performer
ESTP Artisan Promoter
ISTP Artisan Crafter

The NF's

ENFJ Idealist Teacher
INFJ Idealist Counselor
ENFP Idealist Champion
INFP Idealist Healer

The NT's

INTJ Rational Mastermind
ENTJ Rational Field Marshall
ENTP Rational Inventor
INTP Rational Architect

And now for a more visual representation:


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your profiling. - MLT

Kristen said...

You write very well.

John Tencer said...

Really cool blog. I'm an ENFP and I'm very interested in the work of Carl Jung, Katharine Briggs & Isabel Briggs Myers, and David Keirsey... I'm actually doing some new research in trait interactions. I often find myself "personality-typing" movie and TV characters, so this blog is great.

I was wondering what personality type you are? NP of some sort?

Anonymous said...

Could you also include the personality types of the characters of the show 30 Rock?

Kicking Lettuce said...

I haven't watched 30 Rock yet. It is on my to-do list.

Kicking Lettuce said...

My Personality Type? I fluctuate between ISTJ-INTJ.

bennet said...

I took a few classes on this subject and i am for the most part an inventing INTJ which really makes me range and changes through many different personality types depending on my career choices, age, and other factors.

Glad to hear you are an INTJ bc i dont come across many!