Thursday, June 26, 2008


Character Analysis: With a constant revolving cast, and perhaps located in the weirdest setting televised, how does this large ensemble measure up?

Meet the Characters

Jack Shephard
- Best Guess: ESFJ - Jack, the de facto leader of this group is constantly worrying about the well-being of the castaways (F) and usually chooses the safe and conservative approach when there is a choice (SJ). In true FJ fashion, he clashes with others by forcing his personal feelings on them. The true T's often ignore him and the F's sometimes end up alienated. Jack is extroverted and organized enough where all--but those with strong personalities--follow his directions. Strongest Letter(s): J

Kate Austen - Best Guess: ISFP; with heavy leanings toward ISTP - Kate is a contradicting individual. So let us first look at what we know. She is secretive of her past (I). She is a convicted law breaker. She does what she needs to do in order to accomplish what she wants. She seems to have a good handle on her environment and is a very observant person. (SP). T or F? This is the contradiction. Everything so far seems like a typical T attitude. She itstough, can be manipulative as an STP; but I believe it is merely a trait of an SP. She is very sensitive and is emotionally torn in her island romances. She is a person who seems to be needed and to be consoled--despite her hardened demeanor. Like many ISFP's, Kate is a very "nice" person; but she can rough it up when she needs to and has an extremely well developed T side. Strongest Letter(s): FP

John Locke - Best Guess: INTJ; with heavy leanings toward INTP - John Locke walks to his own beat and no one else can hear it but him. He is a quandary. Let us first see what he do know about him. Being he is the most mysterious and private soul on this island, he is an introvert. He completely ignores the self-bestowed authority of Jack. This seems like either an NT or SP trait. SP's often do this in order to spite authority (i.e. see Sawyer below); while NT's do because they can see the big picture that a close-minded SJ often misses. This is the course that Locke follows. However, his J and P are very difficult to see because he seems to be very balanced in this area. He displays traits of an NTJ in that he seems to always have a plan. At the same time, he is bored very easily when he is involved in a plan that--in his eyes--is less than stellar and is often distracted away to plot a course on his own journey (NTP?). I believe he leans toward NTJ for the fact that he looks at the whole picture and seems to have a plan, and a motivation to act on it immediately when an NTP would not be so quick to act. Strongest Letter(s): NT

Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes - Best Guess: ISFP; perhaps ESFP - Hurley is easily the most "feel good" castaway here. Everything he does is centered around his F side. He wants to have fun, maintain harmony, and he is constantly letting his emotions rule his thoughts. He is easily hurt and can be very sensitive. While he seemingly is an extrovert and often is the organizer of "functions", he is actually a private individual (I). If an ESFP won the lottery, not only would they have told everyone, they would be giving money away. Strongest Letter(s): SP

James 'Sawyer' Ford - Best Guess: ISTP - Second only to Locke, Sawyer is the most independent person on this island. Unlike Locke, who is on an NTP-like led journey, Sawyer just wants privacy. He has no hidden agenda unless there is something in front of him that he needs to survive. Like most ISTP's, if there is a gun on this island, look around Sawyer's tent to find it. Being a con artist back on "the mainland", he clearly has a developed extroverted (ESTP) side to him. Ultimately, however, being around people and apart of a community that Jack tries so hard to maintain, quickly depletes Sawyer's energy. Strongest letter(s): TP

Sayid Jarrah - Best Guess: INTJ - Being a former Iraqi interrogator and even a sniper--a solitude activity (I), Sayid it a man who will do whatever he needs to in order to see results (NT). Everything he does is well planned out and he does not act impulsively without first deciding on a course of action that is the most efficient. If you can prove that you have a sound plan, Sayid will be quick to join your cause. Strongest Letter(s): IT

Jin Kwon - Best Guess: ISTP; with NT leanings - Jin was a humble man that walked into a volatile situation with his wife's family. In order to be accepted in this family he had to disown some of his traditional thinking (this rules out an SJ). He then worked in a dirty business with his father-in-law that required him to be less than stellar. Jin struggles to display emotional responses (T) and thus has strained his personal relationships. In one sense, he seems like a man who plots out his course, but he reacts very well to unexpected situations that come up. Strongest Letter(s): IT

Claire Littleton - Best Guess: ISFP; perhaps INFP - Claire is an exceptionally low-key person (I) who is ruled by her strong emotions (F). She is the one main character who does not have much of a role here other than nurturing her child. She is not judgmental in any way and is no way concerned about schedules, lists, rules, etc. She just kind of goes with the flow (P). I can see her as either an INFP or an ISFP. Because she seems more in tune with a harmonious environment and is a "colorful" person, I believe she leans SP. However, she seems to have that INFP withdrawn attitude as if she has baggage to deal with from the past that has strongly influenced her. Strongest Letter(s): F

Sun Kwon - Best Guess: ISFP - Along with Claire, Sun is one of the mellowest individuals here. She has the typical carefree attitude of an SP and even was caught up in a marital affair pre-island. She is a person who reacts strongly based on her feelings over logic. This contributes to her marital problems early on when she does not respond well to her husbands strong T exterior. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Michael Dawson - Best Guess: ISFJ or ISFP - Micheal is very emotional and makes many of his decisions based on his own feelings. He is not a very good SJ--and leans SP in that he does not always follow the rules of the "institution", but he has shown to be very protective over doing what is right. He has even killed and put others in danger over something that he strongly believes in. He can be someone who plans rather than acts spontaneous. However, it is hard to peg him as an ISFP because he is not the most "gentle" type in any way. Even on the inside. He just seems to wound up as a J would. Perhaps an ISFP that is simply at an unhealthy level? Strongest Letter(s): F

Ben Linus - Best Guess: INTJ - Ben is an intensely private individual with a plan. What plan? He does not reveal more than he needs too. He is a man of many secrets. He is ruthless and does what he needs to do in order to move his plan (whatever it is) forward. He is the ultimate when it comes to lying and manipulating those around him (T). Even when he talks, he seemingly is a polite and upstanding fellow But his promises and words always prove to be empty. Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Juliet Burke - Best Guess: IXTJ - Juliet is a private person (I) that one never knows what she is thinking. Is she honest? Or she an infiltrator sent by Ben? She is not trusted by many outside of Jack. Interestingly, this does not seem to phase her one bit. An F would have their feelings hurt. She has a very workman like attitude to her environment (T). She always plots her next course and never acts out of spontaneity. She can see the big picture of an NT. Yet, she is almost conflicted by the course of working with (or having once worked with) Ben, who--to her--just seems like a person who has no conscience. This is almost an SJ mentality. I believe she is in between, and until more light is shed on her, is an IXTJ. Strongest Letter(s): IT

Desmond Hume
- Best Guess: ENFP - Desmond is a very impulsive person (P) who seems as if he is always nervous or a bit jumpy (F). He is a very "reactive" to other people. Though he seems as if he is an isolationist, he merely lives in his own idealistic (NF) world. Knowing that he can not save everyone from their potentially disastrous fate, he is constantly weighed down by this emotional burden. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Charlie Pace - Best Guess: ESFP - Charlie is an entertainer in a rock band. He is a performer. While occasionally being a shy extrovert, he does not like being alone. Often seeking out people to talk too, Charlie can be gregarious. Being a typical SP, he often times resents authority and is easily annoyed when Jack tries to enforce it. Charlie is an unhealthy F and this seems to have been either affected by--or even led to--his drug addiction. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Not much to say here. This cast seems to have a strong J vs P extreme. The doers that are involved in all of the action; the followers that sit back and watch whats happens. Most of the followers are F's so they tend to have struggles with this tough environment.


Anonymous said...

you tend to reason that a character is infp over isfp because they appear to have "emotional baggage." not to be mean, but that's kind of stupid. ok i will be mean.

Kicking Lettuce said...

I speak the truth. That's all. Most INFP's are flawed in this manner. Even Keirsey agrees.

ACT111 said...

I was thinking about this tonight, and it seems that after looking back on six seasons some of the personalities have changes or become more obvious. So with the benefit of additional observation, I must humbly disagree with some of your typing.

Jack: I agree with everything but I do think he is a T. His E hides this trait making him appear more F than he is. However, it was shown time and again that the relational aspects were not his thing. He delegates the funeral prep to Claire. He is told that his bedside manner 'sucks'. He is the ESTJ, Keirsey's Supervisor. He makes an excellent day-to-day leader, but (as Sawyer pointed out) more of a reactionary leader than a strategic one.

Sawyer: I'm more inclined to call him an XNTJ. His emotional baggage that he carried the first three season kept him from shining through. In the first three seasons, we see a man who is able to plan ahead (grabbing bartering material while everyone else is still reeling from the crash). This is the mark of NTJ. He's a big picture thinker. He plans long cons. The last three seasons he comes out shining as the new leader. He keeps the survivors together during the 1970s sojourn, commenting that he now reads to help him strategize.

Looking at their constants, it helps to see how they match Jack and James. Jack's constant is the similar 'S' Kate. James is matched with Juliet, another "N". Juliet seems to also be a wounded "F", hiding her feelings. Although so much of her decisions are based on her following her heart rather than her head. Her research is based on helping others. She is passionate about her work to help her sister. Her goal in the show is to be reunited with her family. Her decisions in the season 5 finale are guided by her feelings for James.

On Locke, I can definately see the temptation to peg him an NT, but his devotion and faith keep bringing me back to NF. His frustration is very "F"-like that I hesitate to put him in that category.