Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Prison Break

Character Analysis: In my first exploration I will briefly look at the television show Prison Break and give you my analysis of the personality of the cast of characters.

Meet the Characters

Michael Schofield - Best Guess: INTJ - Michael is the Man with the Plan. His words are few, but when he speaks--it is only to advance his plan. And if his plan fails, not a problem. He has a contingency for his contingency. He is the prototypical Mastermind. What else can be said? Rather than taking things as the come--Michael is always one step ahead. Strongest Letter(s): NJ

Lincoln Burrows - Best Guess: ISTP - Like his brother Michael, Link rather not say more than he has too. He rather let his "tools" (i.e. weapons & fists) control his destiny. Like Michael and his personality, Lincoln is a by-the-book ISTP Crafter. Makes one wonder what kind of construction work he is capable of? Strongest Letter(s): TP

Sarah Tancredi - Best Guess: INFP - I can not pin down Sarah's personality type on one pass. This is what I know: She is an Introvert (I), and she is a feeler (F). Many ISFP's enter into the medical industry and this was my gut instinct. ISFJ's are more about protecting the "institution". Sarah went against it in order to help Michael. She has a mysterious side to her which makes me think she is an N. She choose to work as a doctor in a prison--rather than a more conventional-styled job. This is a typical NFP "goodwill" trait. She is attracted to Micheal (an N) on a mental level--which further leads me to believe she is an N in order to have this strong connection. So, based on all of these facts--this would make her an INFP. Most (but not all) INFP's are messed up in some kind of way. While I do not think Sarah is completely "messed up", she does struggle with her own demons when it comes to her prior drug habit and family tensions. This has seemed to make her a withdrawn person as one would see in an INFP. So, all things considered, INFP is my verdict until more details are brought forth. Strongest Letter(s): IF

Fernando Sucre - Best Guess: ESFP - Sucre has a good heart. He just wants to be loved and to love. If he was not a prisoner (or a prisoner on the run) he would constantly be the life of the party. As an SP he is eager to break the rules and buck authority so he is constantly ready to help Michael and Lincoln, but as an ESFP he usually fumbles up the plan with his emotional based impulses. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Theodore "T-bag" Bagwell - Best Guess: ESTP - At first glance, one would not consider T-bag as the "used car salesmen" type. But the more you watch him, the more you see he is a master at manipulating people--but in the creepiest of ways. Because is so often successful--and doesn't quickly lose interest in his manipulations like most ESTP's would--he may have some N leanings. He also is a man with a lot of emotional baggage--sometimes this inadvertently adds some "N" to your personality. But because this baggage has made him hardened--he is a definite T. Strongest Letter(s): P

Brad Bellick - Best Guess: ESTJ - I struggled with Billick. In the end, I settled on ESTJ because he was a relatively successful prison guard (that is, until Michael comes around). I came to this conclusion by the process of elimination. He does not have an N bone in him, and not too many SP's enter law enforcement. He is clearly an extrovert. This leaves T or F? He is not an F because he is certainly not a caring provider by any means. However, he is not a strong T either--but I would venture to guess--still a T. And because his "T" in the ESTJ is rather weak, he is not an effective supervisor. As we see in Season 3, he is a misfit. His character is the strongest when he is the one in charge (i.e. Season 1) but only because others have given him the authority. He is not able to secure it on his own - as we saw in Sona (Season 3) Strongest Letter(s): S

Paul Kellermen - Best Guess: ESTJ; Possibly ISTJ, ENTJ or INTJ - Unlike Billick, Kellerman's ESTJ has a strong "T". While not talkative, he is confident in words and does not hesitate to create confrontation--typical E traits. Again, he is an SJ in law enforcement (of sorts). However, he walks on the shady side, bends the rules when needed, and struggles with internal conflicts. I believe this is because he walks the fine line of S and N. A true SJ would not see the benefit of Kellerman's corrupt line of work--while an N could easily rationalize the rule bending. But I do not believe Kellerman actually crosses over into N-hood. Ultimately, his SJ side wins out as we see with the story line of his character: He was once a man who did not question the work he had chosen, and he loyally followed his superiors--this all came crashing down in the end while he struggles with his thoughts of betrayal. He fits better in an institution and does not cope well on his own. Until the very end, he does not question his superiors. A Typical SJ. Strongest Letter(s): T

Alex Mahone - INTJ; Possibly INTP - Alex is another tough one to figure out. His "medical" addictions change his personality and this somewhat hides his true identity. As an excellent investigator, I believe he is an INTJ . Outside of his family, he is only loyal to what serves him at the moment. That is why I decided he cannot be an ISTJ. His erratic P type behavior and occasional emotional outburst only have to do with his addiction symptoms. Strongest Letter(s): T

Based on my reviews, I have concluded that the two main character's of Michal and Lincoln--are the least complex--in ways of personality. The supporting actors, however, all have their own unique traits.


Anonymous said...

it's quiet interesting anlaysis. i'm also into MBTI test a lot, and i just came up with the idea, i mean, i like watching tv series and movies, and start to analize each people's type on it automatically, well, there are many movies, and tv series, but i think Prison break has many uncommon type character ,which, i think, is few in usa, i mean, those people on it are not common, well my type is intp .

i also wanna analyze 'desperate housewives', and 'lost'(which has too many character lol) ,

and in movie, i prefer cliton eastwood's movie, i think , his movie has many uncommon type character too,

Anonymous said...

Yes, you should analyze Desperate Housewives, but here's what I think you can find other opinions in the internet...(here's what i think and what i've have found)

Bree: ISFJ (SJ clearly but...)
Susan: ENFJ
Gabrielle: EST/FP
Lynette: ESTJ
Edie: some argue this girl's an nt (like me), but i don't know. another estp?

Kicking Lettuce said...

There is one problem; I have never watched Desperate Housewives---and have no plans too. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Could you type characters from The Sopranos too, that'd be greatly appreciated.

Kicking Lettuce said...

Never saw a single episode and probably won't, unfortunately. Seems an SP heavy show given the premise?

Anonymous said...

I'd say it was SJ heavy, although my favourite character was the INTJ Johnny Sack.

Anna Bagó said...

I think Michael is an INFJ.

ToStand said...

-Mahone : ENTJ, the "P" side is tertiary Se

-Sarah : ISFJ, your arguments are OK, but still, functionnally speaking, she's an ISFJ. Fi is not meant to be a practical function. Sarah is a doctor, she had to remember all sorts of shit, and use them successfully on people. That's a lot for someone who has tertiary sensing. INFPs are typically dreamy, which Sarah isn't. They're usually a bit shy/reclusive, and we see her in a bar at one moment. I know this isn't much, but I don't see her as an FP, nor an N.