Monday, June 09, 2008


Character analysis: Scrubs. The Sensitive vs the Insensitive. That is how you can sum up the characters of this show. Let's look at this crazy cast.

Meet the Characters

Dr. John 'J.D.' Dorian - Best Guess: ENFP; with I leanings - J.D. is easily the most laid-back person (P) on this staff and most of his surroundings are completely lost on him. In fact, he is such a P that when many of the extreme J's at Sacred Heart try to push him around, he is completely unphased by it. And if forcibly confronted, he will always back down as he wants nothing to do with any negative confrontation. Unlike SP's, who are traditionally well-coordinated, J.D. is very clumsy and really can not dance well. This fact, along with his fanciful world of daydreaming, J.D. is a very solid N. Despite the many moments of him being lost in his own thoughts (I), he thrives on the company of others (E). He is constantly seeking harmonious relationships (F). And when it comes to the extremely tough-minded Dr. Cox, JD dreams of having this idealistic student-mentor relationship with him and wants nothing more than to have his approval and praise. When it comes to relationship with woman, J.D. is usually the romantic one. Strongest Letter(s): F

Dr. Elliot Reid - Best Guess: INFJ; possibly ISFJ - Elliot is completely neurotic, excessively competitive, and borderlines OCD (J). What makes for a terribly combination is that she is not balanced emotional in any way (F). Oh yes, it gets worse. Being chronically awkward, and shy (I), she holds much of her neurotic ways in, causing her to act as if she is on constantly on edge--almost nervous. Her NF idealistic ways make it very difficult for her to find--and be happy with--most men. And her neurotic ways pushes them away. This is a constant theme to her character. Strongest Letter(s): F

Dr. Christopher Turk - Best Guess: ESFP - Turk is a performer. He sings and dances and encourages a fun environment. His superiors, of course, do not appreciate this. Turk is often being pushed aside rudely. One wonders when this doctor ever gets anything done. He is usually off playing with whoever can find the time. Strongest Letter(s): SP

The Janitor - Best Guess: INTJ - Often working alone, this nameless Janitor likes to create plans. Rather than cleaning the toilets, he is often seen plotting against the hospital staff--usually J.D.; do not cross this Janitor or you will feel his wrath. The rules do not apply here as they usually are blatantly ignored. Strongest Letter(s): T

Dr. Bob Kelso - Best Guess: ISTJ - Bitter Dr. Kelso usually can be seen walking around the halls of this hospital making sure the rules are followed (SJ). If he ever finds otherwise, he will not hesitate to confront the rule breaker and straiten him out. This is one tightly wound-up ISTJ. On rare occasion, he has been known to inexplicably relax. Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Dr. Perry Cox - Best Guess: ENTP; possibly ENTJ - Dr. Cox is a man with little compassion (although he been known to show some at surprising times) and displays absolutely no care for ones feelings. He is T personified. He has little patience for anyone or anything that acts in an emotional way--he can not even deal with having a child without making it awkward. The completely sensitive J.D. makes for the easiest target for Dr. Cox. Elliot once said to him, "You are more concerned about being right, than doing what is right". On occasion, Dr. Cox cares more about the end result that he will bypass the rules if needed--much to the chagrin of Kelso. He has little use for anyone that is not efficient (NT) or sees things in anyway but the most logical. In the end, they will receive a sarcastic lecture. Because he is so wound up uptight and is known for forcing his opinion on others, it makes me open to the possibility that he is a J. Strongest Letter(s): TTTT!

Nurse Carla Espinosa - Best Guess: ESFJ - Carla is bossy. She is constantly telling Turk what to do and how to act. Most of the time this is being triggered by her strong emotional reactions (FJ). She is just crazy enough to stand up to Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso--who'd prefer to stay out of the way of this emotional time-bomb. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Dr. Todd Quinlan - Best Guess: ESTP - "The Todd" is the ultimate promoter. Despite never shown to be a smooth-talking salesmen, he has all the traits of your extreme ESTP male. He is impulsive, quickly bored, obsessed with his own appearance, degrades woman, is a gym-rat, and he loves being the center of attention. Strongest Letter(s): STP

Nurse Laverne Roberts - Best Guess: ISTJ; possibly ISTP - Just leave Nurse Roberts alone. All she wants to do is her job (SJ). Being quit (I) and naturally tough-minded (T), Nurse Roberts is usually seen behind the desk doing paperwork rather than at the bedside. She feels strongly in her traditional religious beliefs and is quick to argue with the atheistic minded Dr. Cox. Her occasional flashy style and super independent attitude makes me think she borderlines ISTP. Strongest Letter(s): ST

Ted Buckland - Best Guess: INFP - Ted simply is unaware of his surroundings. When he is not being emotionally abused by Dr. Kelso, he usually can be found singing or longing for a better life. Perhaps, once an INTP, he has been beaten down into an emotional puddle. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Jordan Sullivan - Best Guess: ESTP; possibly ISTP - Jordon is perhaps the only woman who could actually coexist with Dr. Cox (the father of her children). Like any good ESTP, she sees how she can benefit from the relationship. She often does not have time to deal with his antic's and thus goes into a different direction (P)--relationship or otherwise. Strongest Letter(s): ST

Clearly the Insensitive dominate the Sensitive here. In some cases, the Insensitive even fight among themselves. What a tough place to work!


Bradley said...

On a few sites I have seen JD listed as an INFp and I thought it was correct. I think his small circle of friends that he is so close with is evidence of this. He also has nicknames for much of the staff demonstrating unfamiliarity with them. I think an E would know everyone's name and not have relationships like JD and Turk's. I will qualify this with the fact that I myself am an INFp and I may be projecting.

Also, I LOVE the site, not only do I agree with the vast majority of your typing, but we share similar tastes in TV programs. Thanks for sharing all of this!

Jonah said...

I am an ENFP and I have always identified A LOT with J.D. and the various things he goes through. This definitely resonated for me.

Veronica said...

I am an INFP as well, and personally I find JD to be waaay too open about his feelings/needs to be an INFP. Plus he seldom speaks about any great philosophical visions for a better future or end up in Fi-Si loops (rather, he shows Ne-Te loops from time to time). JD also has the typical "let's-shake-things-up" that ENFPs have going on and I love it! I love both INFP and ENFP, but definitively think that JD is an ENFP. Love Scrubs as well!