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Character Analysis: Delving into the world of spies, we now comes to Alias. One would initially think this world is full of NT's here. Let us see if this is the case...

Meet The Characters

Sydney Bristow - Best Guess: ISFJ - As tough as Sydney is, as much as she relies on her own physical process and dynamic fighting ability, she really is a sensitive person deep down that at times is extremely emotionally. She is able to control these feelings (usually) and channel this energy to help her focus on her strong abilities of instinct and survival. She does not fight just to fight, she is on missions that uphold the greater good so she can live in a world where her family is kept safe and where justice (SJ) rules. Strongest Letter(s): IJ

Jack Bristow - Best Guess: INTJ - Jack is the most strategic individual on this cast. Many of his missions require him to always plan for the next step. He is exceptional at being on top of tying up all of the loose ends (J). This is very helpful in his most dangerous objective, that is to remain close with his arch nemesis--Arvin Sloane, yet not reveal his true intentions. He has to watch his tracks, always. And at the same time, worry about the next step he will take. His off again and on again strained relationship with his daughter, Sydney, usually stems from the fact that he is not very effective in displaying or sharing his feelings, as one needs to do to be successful in an familial relationship. But like most NTJ's, he is more worried about family efficiencies then family closeness. Strongest Letter(s): NJ

Michael Vaughn - Best Guess: INTJ - They say you--assuming the reader is female--marry your father. This is what Sydney Bristow will eventually do. Vaughn is essentially a younger version of Jack Bristow, perhaps with a better handle on his personal feelings. He makes up for this in his relationship with Sydney. He is able to manage it effectively (for the most part)--something her father was not able to do. Like Jack, Vaughn is calculating and will do whatever it takes in order to get what needs to be done. He will break the rules if the rules hinder him to exercise his own sense of justice. He is perfect in black ops as this often requires him to be innovative as an NT would. Strongest Letter(s): IT

Marcus Dixon - Best Guess: ISTJ - Dixon is an ISTJ that has simply chosen the wrong path. In the first couple of seasons he is working for Sloane, and serving Sloane loyally. He will make sure that all of Sloane's instructions, missions, etc. are carried out tot he fullest. And the rules will not be broken. Dixon is on a mission to uphold the law (SJ). However, he is unaware of Sloane's true identity and affiliation. So it is no doubt a crushing blow to Dixon when he finds out that his actions are contrary to what is right and lawful. Later on, when Dixon ends up on the right side of the law, working for an actual lawful organization, like many STJ's, he finds himself in charge. He has a tendency, when in this situation, to be unbending--even to those who he is close to, such as Sydney. Once again, regulations comes first. By the end of the series, Dixon, is no longer in charge, but still on the right side of the law and makes a valuable asset to the team. This is the best role suited for an ISTJ. Strongest Letter(s): SJ

Arvin Sloane - Best Guess: INTJ - The most calculating character, Sloane always has a plan (J) and is extremely goal-oriented. His plans will be carried out and his ideals enforced. At times, it seems he borders on obsession with these things (i.e. Rambaldi, his daughter Nadia, his sickly wife) in an unhealthy and unbalanced manner. While Jack has a caring side to him, and just does not know how to express himself in this area, Sloane's INTJ has an exceptionally strong T. He is as cold as they come. He will develop many close friendships, but instantly turn on any given one if it endangers any of his plans. His twisted ideals come before all. Strongest Letter(s) NT

Marshall Flinkman - Best Guess: INTP - Marshall is the ultimate INTP. He is absent-minded (NP) in all things that do not have to do with his technological gift of brilliance. Socially, he is as awkward as they come (I). He often talks nervously and says too much than he needs to because he is not comfortable when communicating. Strongest Letter(s) NT

Julian Sark - Best Guess: ENTP - Sark, though like Sloane is an NT antagonist, he is on the opposite side of the spectrum as an Extroverted Perciever, as opposed to an Introverted Judger. He simply takes things as they come, has no loyalties, waffles between criminal organizations, does whatever suits him at the moment. He does not have an agenda other than living a life that keeps the boredom away, a fact many NTP's constantly fight. Strongest Letter(s): TP

Will Tippin - Best Guess: ISFP; borderline INFP - Will is easily the nicest character listed here. He is just a down to earth, honest-hearted individual who just happens to fall into several bad situations because of his chosen associate. Namely, Sydney. It is really a pain to see all the on and off suffering of Will through seasons 1 and 2 of Alias--whether it is the emotional betrayal he at times may feel or the physical torture he endures. He deserves so much better! He is clearly a victim of circumstances. In any other life, as an ISFP, Will is the type of person that should be included in your circle of friends. Will also seems to have an NF nature as well, and part of this is displayed in the way that we truly wants to help others and to be someone's "soul mate". As a terrific journalist, he can help spread his ideals of goodwill. (No pun intended). Strongest Letter(s): FP

Eric Weiss - Best Guess: ESFP - If Will is the "nicest" of all the characters, Weiss is the friendliest; as ESFP's usually are. While not a performer in the strictest sense, he is witty and quick to liven up a boring discussion with a joke or two. He is very sensitive to the feelings (F) of others and will quickly initiate conversation (E) with you if it looks like you are having a bad day. In his last act on the series, he is seen breaking (a minor) rule in order to help his friends. He doesn't think twice about this as is usual for an SP. He has the desire to do field work, but it is just not a welcoming setting for any F-outside of SydnEy. He usually stays indoors. Strongest Letter(s): EF

All in all, and it looks like our suspicions were right as there is a heavy NT core to this cast within the main characters. There is also a strong SJ (law abiding) element. It is after all, the CIA.


Cecilia said...

I love you for this blog! What's your type?
Hugs from an ENFP and an INFP.


Anonymous said...

Julian Sark


ENTJs have tertiary Se. His impulsivity comes from Se not from Ne. There's no Fe present. N(T)Ps regardless of E/I are absentminded freaks (or F/T).