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Character Analysis: If you want to be technical, Dilbert was actually a cartoon television series at one time; thus staying with my pattern that I seemingly only profile television series. (Although I never stated this was my intent.) However, the Dilbert profile here is largely influenced by the actual comic strip--more so than the TV cartoon. While, the series was underrated and underwatched, it is the comic strip that has been a fixture for almost two decades now. Being the setting here is inside an engineering company, I believe there will be many NT's involved in these profiles. Let us now examine the world of Dilbert...

Meet the Characters

Dilbert - Best Guess: INTP - Dilbert is the quintessential engineer. Yes, a terrific problem-solver, and an astounding architect, but naturally having no social abilities whatsoever (I). He is often frustrated with his inept co-workers and the inefficient environment of a cubicle-inhabited world. Most of all, however, his annoyances mostly originate with his immediate supervisor--the Pointy-Haired Boss. Being an engineer, and by default a strong P, he has very little effect on changes to his environment and will never really find the resolve to quit his job or attempt to make any changes himself in order to adapt. It is what it is, with Dilbert, and his life is something that he must just put up with and endure. Strongest Letter(s): NT

Dogbert - Best Guess: ENTP - Like many ENTP's, Dogbert is an entrepreneur and an idea man. He can be seen taking part in many new activities and jobs. Some in an office environment, others in his own private time. Either way, never sticking with one very long. Unlike his ENTJ cousin--who takes the lead and sticks with it to the end--Dogbert quickly loses interest. He is merely a knowledge collector. He is incredibly intrigued by putting this knowledge to work in the real world and using Dilbert as a guinea pig. More often than not, Dogbert's mischievous activities cross the line to what is decent. But in the end, Dilbert somehow learns from the experiences--making Dogbert seem not that evil. It goes without saying that this dog is not a rule follower and makes his own way in life however he sees fit. It is one day at a time, with Dogbert. There's no rush. Strongest Letter(s): NP

Wally - Best Guess: ENTP - Wally is an engineer and can be technical minded if he choose. However, he has no time for loyalty, respect, or results. He is more interested in doing whatever he pleases. He does not understand--or more accurately--does not appreciate structure and organization that, for example, an SJ would. While he is very capable of doing his engineering job, he is more interested in creating a stir with his workmates and observing their reactions. An office environment has not melded very well with Wally. Unlike Dilbert, Wally's TP is so strong that he is just non-caring and jaded about a great many things. Given the right leadership, Wally may actually be productive one day. Strongest Letter(s): NP

The Pointy-Haired Boss - Best Guess: ESTJ- This nameless boss can never be mistaken for someone who looks at the big picture. He acts on whatever is put in front of his eyes, and usually goes with it--despite it usually backfiring in his own face. Being a strong, yet unhealthy T, this Pointy-Haired Boss makes for bad middle management. He does not understand anything that is even remotely close to what is thought as being logical (thus, "unhealthy"), yet he has no personal empathy for people or their feelings. This results in many unpopular ideas that backfire. This is often the source of frustration with all the employees underneath him--particular those who are. tech-oriented. Strongest Letter(s): ES

Alice - Best Guess: ESTP - Alice is a smooth-talker that shows the uncanny ESTP trait of manipulation. Whether it is her coworkers, Wally, Dilbert, or even if it the Pointy-Haired Boss, she is often seen orchestrating things in order to get her own way. At times, she may even be guilty of doing this merely for amusement. She has been known to talk her way through many of these situations rather smoothly and the other person involved never even saw it coming. Strongest Letter(s): ET

Ratbert - Best Guess: ENFP; with INFP leanings - Ratbert swings between the carefree world of an ENFP, to that of an INFP dealing with his inner turmoils. I believe Ratbert by nature is an extrovert (E) who gregariously approaches Dilbert in conversation on a regular basis. He seems to have a lonely streak and is looking for companionship and love (F). Because he was once a laboratory rat, and is often demeaned by the other characters, this has taken a toll on Ratbert's personality and it shows by his neediness that pushes him into INFP-hood. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Catbert - Best Guess: ENTJ - Catbert takes the lead in all things evil. Unlike Dogbert, who is seen actively taking part in high-profile jobs and activities that take a large amount of ingenuity--not for the sake of evil intent as much as his own satisfaction and curiosity, but he eventually loses interest and moves on. Catbert, however, as the chief of Human Resources has found his niche and stays with it. He uses his job to manipulate and torture the office workers at any given chance. He relishes in his role of letting workers go. The way he aggressively pursues this and then sticks with it, show me he is a solid J. Strongest Letter(s): NJ

The Garbageman - Best Guess: INTP - This garbage man is too smart for his own good. It seems if he was more extroverted and more of an aggressive J, he would have talked his way out of the trash industry, and into the seat of an executive. In the meantime, he is content with sharing his knowledge and solving problems for Dilbert and Dogbert and keeping his low profile. Strongest Letter(s): IN

Bob the Dinosaur - Best Guess: ESFP - Bob is cheerful, easy going, and likes to have fun (FP). He clearly does not take things too seriously. He is known to be the King of Wedgies after all (E). Enough said? Strongest Letter(s): EP

Tina the Technical Writer - Best Guess: ESFJ - Tina is easily the most easily offended person in this office. And she is quick to pass emotional judgments back at you--without seeing the big picture. This is very typical of an unhealthy SFJ. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Asok the Intern - Best Guess: XXXX - TBD! This profile is still in the works. It appears he is eager and always looking for reassurance so he might be an F. Or is just a naive T?

Not only was I right about the NT observation, but this is an NTP heavy cast of characters. This does make sense since the creator, Scott Adams, appears to be an XNTP himself.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Thank you.

Robert Anthony Pierce II said...

I agree with all of these but Wally! Wally is a classic INTP. Only the INTP could be THAT awkward. ENTPs seem to be more aware of when they're driving people crazy. They care more about what people think of them.

Man, this is such a great blog. I'm afraid I'll be here for hours.

TaiTran said...

Asok is an ENFJ.
E as he likes to engage in conversations especially seeking advice from Wally.
Strong J as he likes planning.
N because he tends to see the bigger picture than Pointy-Haired Boss.
Finally, F is what makes him insecure at times.

TaiTran said...

Wally is not awkward. He is cunning instead.