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Character Analysis: Let us now look into J.J. Abram's college-life drama of Felicity--a show noted for its low talking characters and darker lighting. I believe with these thematic elements this will be an F heavy show. Let us find out...

Meet the Characters

Felicity Porter - Best Guess: ISFP; with N leanings - ISFP's tend to be the most gentle and caring human beings. They are very sensitive and compassionate (F) and they do not seek to cause friction all the while trying to avoid confrontations. This perfectly describes Felicity. Most of her sensitive and emotional moments come from her own self-examination of her own feelings--almost in an N-like introspection of oneself. She is not quick to judge others or come to fast decision on her own. She is always searching for the possibilities (P). Like many ISFP's, Felicity is extremely artistic and has a passion for drawing. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Noel Crane - Best Guess: ENFJ; with SJ leanings - Noel is an incredibly complicated character. For a male, he has a very good handle on his emotions and is not afraid to make decisions based on his feelings (F). He is a very driven person (J) who succeeds academically and even in his employment choices after college. Because of his J'ness, he pursues (and is made) an RA (Resident Assistant). This job requires him to deal with fellow students on a one-on-one basis and for Noel to give out help and advice. Being an NF, he has a strong care for others and succeeds in this helping assignment. Part of his attraction to Felicity may be as a person who can guide her (she being a strong P) and as a way to help her along in her decision-making while helping her become a better person. Strongest Letter(s): NJ

Ben Covington - Best Guess: ESTP; leaning heavily towards ISTP - Ben is a great example of an SP. He is into sports and athletics (STP), not very concerned about education, and is of an extremely impulsive nature--often making decisions that he regrets later. Most of the romantic drama surrounding Ben involves him trying to figure out his feelings as they do not come very easy for him to display (T). Because Ben has such strong I inclinations, he does not force his will on others like many ESTP's. Ultimately he is an extrovert that requires social stimulation. Strongest Letter(s): STP

Elena Tyler - Best Guess: ESFJ - Felicity meets Elena in the class room where they eventually become lab partners. Because of Elena's strong J inclinations, this becomes an intense rivalry. Though this does mellow out as the two become close--and roommates--Elena shows she is strongly focused on her academics and she works hard to succeed (SJ) and prove that she can be successful despite come from a poor background. Strongest Letter(s): SJ

Sean Blumberg - Best Guess: ENTP - Sean is an involved person who is constantly occupied by his new ideas. One never knows what direction he is headed next. Unlike the rest of the cast here, Sean is not a college student and is in his late twenties. Rather than traditionally settling down, he lives by himself in a New York City loft (until the show progresses that is) and he doesn't appear to have a traditional 8-5 job. He merely is an inventor coming up with new innovative ideas that all seem to stem around the NT desire for great efficiency. For example, why waste time cutting and spreading cream cheese on a Bagel when you can just have the Bagel infused with cream cheese beforehand? Chalk that one up to Sean. Strongest Letter(s): ENP

Meghan Rotundi - Best Guess: INFP - Meghan is often "taxed" when it comes to a social setting, and she is intensely private when it comes to her personal dealings (I). One needs to only look at her attire and tattoos and enigmatic appearance to see she does not have a J bone in her body. She does not have a concrete view of the world but lives in the imaginary world of a "Wicca" type setting (N). She clearly does not act on logic and has no use for INTP qualities and interest like examining small electronic objects and wondering how she works. That means Meghan is an INFP. As an INFP, she seems to have chosen her odd course to compensate for some hidden feelings. Strongest Letter(s): NP

Julie Emrick - Best Guess: ESFP - Julie is extremely emotional, always seeking to have a good time (EF). In fact, like many SFP's, she is musically inclined as a singer, songwriter and a talented guitar player. Her relationships are often conflicted and ultimately end in disappointment or uncertainty. (P) Strongest Letter(s): FP

Javier Clemente Quintata - Best Guess: ENFP - Javier, Felicity's manager at her Dean & Deluca coffee shop job, most obvious trait is his emotions. He is a hard core F. An as an F, he befriends Felicity and becomes a mentor in sorts. They develop a much closer relationship than the casual friendship. In the way that Javier treats her and cares for her it is almost in an NF idealistic manner. He is quick to detect her feelings and inquire of them. Being an EF, he is quick to express his emotions to anyone who is willing. - Strongest Letter(s): FP

As expected, this cast is F and P heavy, thus especially appealing to a certain audience (SP, NF) by far more than another. (NT's, SJ's)


Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of the personalities, but I do not see Felicity as an Artisan at all. She is very intuitive, she can easily tell when something is wrong, and her beliefs and likes and dislikes are all very idealistic. She must be an N, probably an ENFP or an INFP.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! Being an ENFP through and through, I found myself relating so much to Felicity's personality.

Charlotte Nelson said...

Felicity is an INFP....she is NOT an extrovert in any way at all (I). She has a small group of close freinds, is extremly idealistic and intutive (N), extremly feeling (F) and not overly judgemental or uptight(P)