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Battlestar Galactica [2004]

Analysis: Today we look at the recreation of the classic science fiction series of Battlestar Galactica. The newer series is much more complex than the original and the characters are also.

Meet the Characters

Commander/Admiral William Adama - Best Guess: ISTJ; leaning towards ISFJ - Father Adama is a reflective man (I) that is not afraid to act tough-minded on whomever it is that is standing in front of him. It could be a family member (Apollo), a romantic interest (Laura), or a close friend (Tigh). The rules will be followed on his watch, and only in the most extreme situations will he bend them (SJ). He does have a softer side where he occasionally can show a more human element. So in the T vs F conflict, he is very balanced here. On occasion, if he does feel strongly about something, he can get protective and make a decision based on an emotional response. Strongest Letter(s): IJ

Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama - Best Guess: INFP - The son of Admiral Adama, Lee is a passionate man that fights for what he believes in. We see this more strongly as the series progresses when Lee leaves the military (as one of the better fighter pilots) so he can make more of an impact on the fleet while being involved in politics. While not agreeing with Baltar's decision or reckless behavior, Lee honorably defended him at his trial based solely on principle. Lee has much on his mind to deal with in regards to his family. Most notably, his brother's death and estranged relationship with his father. Their relationship continues on a roller coaster ride for the entire series. Lee is on a mission to better himself as a person, but ultimately those around him too. Strongest Letter(s): NF

President Laura Roslin - Best Guess: INFJ - President Roslin is a strongly idealistic individual who cares deeply about the well-being of the fleet. She will act against all common and practical thinking if it involves the welfare of others. She will do this even at the cost of her own emotional conflicts that will result from these actions. Being an educator, she is often able to deal very well with people and to care for their feelings and is an excellent mediator when there is conflict. She excels when she is dealing with people on an individual basis (I). But as President, she is forced to help those in much larger circumstances. Strongest Letter(s): NF

Dr. Gaius Baltar - Best Guess: ENTP - Baltar is a master of manipulating, and is the ultimate survivalist. While being a brilliant scientist, only his ego surpasses his intelligence. Displaying a confidant demeanor (E), he is a deeply plagued person inside. Despite being responsible (inadvertently) for causing the Human Holocaust by the Cylons, Baltar is more interested in his own survival--even though he has deeply rooted feelings of guilt. He would quickly betray anyone close to him if it suited his needs. Though he is a T, as a scientist and a "logical" person, he does slowly--as the series develops--become filled with an element of insanity and religious idealism. So he is not a healthy T by any stretch of the imagination and therefore not your prototypical ENTP at all. Strongest Letter(s): NP

Captain Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace - Best Guess: ISTP; possible E - Starbuck has a notoriously rebellious attitude towards what is generally accepted as authority and she routinely bypasses the chain of command the moment it will benefit her. She is often seen being lectured by her superior ISTJ's. As with most ISTP's, Kara is fiercely independent. She is often on a mission alone--even if there are people technically with or around her. She does have strong E leanings and can be confrontational at any given moment. Strongest Letter(s): TP

Colonel Saul Tigh - Best Guess: ISTJ - Just like with Admiral Adama, you do not try to bypass the rules or the chain of command; and duty comes before all with this first officer. With Adama and Tigh leading this fleet, things are always organized and well planned. While Adama is able to explore his F side, Tigh is as hardened as any T there is and is often seen yelling at his inferiors. His STJ-STP relationship with Starbuck is always hostile. He is an extremely judgmental fellow and forces his ideals on others (TJ). Strongest Letter(s): IJ

Lt. Karl 'Helo' Agathon - Best Guess: INFJ - Helo is always fighting for what is right, especially when it comes to the human element that INFJ's often care so much about. They often can be seen assisting others to help them become better persons and (in the sc-fi world) more human. We see this with his attitude towards his Cylon wife, Sharon ("Athena"). While she is often scoffed at and untrusted, he is always seen standing up for her rights as a person. In another circumstance, he once did not believe in his superior officer's viewpoint, yet he demanded the entire crew follow orders despite an impending mutiny. Being an F, this took a lot out of Helo to be so demanding to those beneath his command. However, Helo did come to their side once he realized the principle was more important than the rules. Because of a balanced SJ attribute side, it took him a while to make these changes. Strongest Letter(s): IF

Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol - Best Guess: ISFJ - The Chief--like most ISFJ's--may be the most protective member on this crew. He wants nothing more than for those working under him to be cared for and even organized a work stoppage until all of their needs were cared for. And if they were ever to be endangered, he has been known to become irrational and act with strong emotional (F) decisions. Believing very strongly in his principles, he often becomes very judgmental under these circumstances. Like many FJ's who face unhealthy situations, Tyrol is often in a noticeably depressed state and allows this to affect his relationship with others and the decisions he makes. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Lt. Felix Gaeta - Best Guess: ENFJ - Lt. Gaeta is a young and idealistic man. He does not often see the evil that is in the universe around him and often shows strong acts of naivety. He usually expresses his feelings on a regular basis (F) and he cares very much for things to be done with consideration of those around him. He will fight for what he truly believes in. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Samuel T. Anders - Best Guess: ISTP - Like many ISTP's, Anders is a gifted athlete and was once a star of one of the popular sports that existed before the Cylon attack. After the attack, he--again, in a typical ISTP maneuver--picked up weapons and began one of the only human resistant cells on Caprica. He is very level-headed and does not make decisions based on a strong emotional feeling (T) or instincts (S). Strongest Letter(s): ST

Dr. Cottle - Best Guess: ENTJ - This doctor sees the big picture (NT). His patients will get the best treatment at any cost. If your feelings are hurt in the process, well too bad (T!). He does not have time to be the motherly type. Do you want to get well or not? Just make sure you do not impede in Cottle's efficient ways, or we will tell you about it (E). Like with many NT's, Cottle is not impressed with rank, position or power. Just get out of the way and let him do his job. Strongest Letter(s): TJ

The Cylons - They are not humans and they are incredibly unstable. They are almost impossible to type, so for right now they are not included. If any are eventually to be added it would be "Athena" (SJ or NF?) and #6 (NT?). #1 is easily an NT.

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Character Analysis: With a constant revolving cast, and perhaps located in the weirdest setting televised, how does this large ensemble measure up?

Meet the Characters

Jack Shephard
- Best Guess: ESFJ - Jack, the de facto leader of this group is constantly worrying about the well-being of the castaways (F) and usually chooses the safe and conservative approach when there is a choice (SJ). In true FJ fashion, he clashes with others by forcing his personal feelings on them. The true T's often ignore him and the F's sometimes end up alienated. Jack is extroverted and organized enough where all--but those with strong personalities--follow his directions. Strongest Letter(s): J

Kate Austen - Best Guess: ISFP; with heavy leanings toward ISTP - Kate is a contradicting individual. So let us first look at what we know. She is secretive of her past (I). She is a convicted law breaker. She does what she needs to do in order to accomplish what she wants. She seems to have a good handle on her environment and is a very observant person. (SP). T or F? This is the contradiction. Everything so far seems like a typical T attitude. She itstough, can be manipulative as an STP; but I believe it is merely a trait of an SP. She is very sensitive and is emotionally torn in her island romances. She is a person who seems to be needed and to be consoled--despite her hardened demeanor. Like many ISFP's, Kate is a very "nice" person; but she can rough it up when she needs to and has an extremely well developed T side. Strongest Letter(s): FP

John Locke - Best Guess: INTJ; with heavy leanings toward INTP - John Locke walks to his own beat and no one else can hear it but him. He is a quandary. Let us first see what he do know about him. Being he is the most mysterious and private soul on this island, he is an introvert. He completely ignores the self-bestowed authority of Jack. This seems like either an NT or SP trait. SP's often do this in order to spite authority (i.e. see Sawyer below); while NT's do because they can see the big picture that a close-minded SJ often misses. This is the course that Locke follows. However, his J and P are very difficult to see because he seems to be very balanced in this area. He displays traits of an NTJ in that he seems to always have a plan. At the same time, he is bored very easily when he is involved in a plan that--in his eyes--is less than stellar and is often distracted away to plot a course on his own journey (NTP?). I believe he leans toward NTJ for the fact that he looks at the whole picture and seems to have a plan, and a motivation to act on it immediately when an NTP would not be so quick to act. Strongest Letter(s): NT

Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes - Best Guess: ISFP; perhaps ESFP - Hurley is easily the most "feel good" castaway here. Everything he does is centered around his F side. He wants to have fun, maintain harmony, and he is constantly letting his emotions rule his thoughts. He is easily hurt and can be very sensitive. While he seemingly is an extrovert and often is the organizer of "functions", he is actually a private individual (I). If an ESFP won the lottery, not only would they have told everyone, they would be giving money away. Strongest Letter(s): SP

James 'Sawyer' Ford - Best Guess: ISTP - Second only to Locke, Sawyer is the most independent person on this island. Unlike Locke, who is on an NTP-like led journey, Sawyer just wants privacy. He has no hidden agenda unless there is something in front of him that he needs to survive. Like most ISTP's, if there is a gun on this island, look around Sawyer's tent to find it. Being a con artist back on "the mainland", he clearly has a developed extroverted (ESTP) side to him. Ultimately, however, being around people and apart of a community that Jack tries so hard to maintain, quickly depletes Sawyer's energy. Strongest letter(s): TP

Sayid Jarrah - Best Guess: INTJ - Being a former Iraqi interrogator and even a sniper--a solitude activity (I), Sayid it a man who will do whatever he needs to in order to see results (NT). Everything he does is well planned out and he does not act impulsively without first deciding on a course of action that is the most efficient. If you can prove that you have a sound plan, Sayid will be quick to join your cause. Strongest Letter(s): IT

Jin Kwon - Best Guess: ISTP; with NT leanings - Jin was a humble man that walked into a volatile situation with his wife's family. In order to be accepted in this family he had to disown some of his traditional thinking (this rules out an SJ). He then worked in a dirty business with his father-in-law that required him to be less than stellar. Jin struggles to display emotional responses (T) and thus has strained his personal relationships. In one sense, he seems like a man who plots out his course, but he reacts very well to unexpected situations that come up. Strongest Letter(s): IT

Claire Littleton - Best Guess: ISFP; perhaps INFP - Claire is an exceptionally low-key person (I) who is ruled by her strong emotions (F). She is the one main character who does not have much of a role here other than nurturing her child. She is not judgmental in any way and is no way concerned about schedules, lists, rules, etc. She just kind of goes with the flow (P). I can see her as either an INFP or an ISFP. Because she seems more in tune with a harmonious environment and is a "colorful" person, I believe she leans SP. However, she seems to have that INFP withdrawn attitude as if she has baggage to deal with from the past that has strongly influenced her. Strongest Letter(s): F

Sun Kwon - Best Guess: ISFP - Along with Claire, Sun is one of the mellowest individuals here. She has the typical carefree attitude of an SP and even was caught up in a marital affair pre-island. She is a person who reacts strongly based on her feelings over logic. This contributes to her marital problems early on when she does not respond well to her husbands strong T exterior. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Michael Dawson - Best Guess: ISFJ or ISFP - Micheal is very emotional and makes many of his decisions based on his own feelings. He is not a very good SJ--and leans SP in that he does not always follow the rules of the "institution", but he has shown to be very protective over doing what is right. He has even killed and put others in danger over something that he strongly believes in. He can be someone who plans rather than acts spontaneous. However, it is hard to peg him as an ISFP because he is not the most "gentle" type in any way. Even on the inside. He just seems to wound up as a J would. Perhaps an ISFP that is simply at an unhealthy level? Strongest Letter(s): F

Ben Linus - Best Guess: INTJ - Ben is an intensely private individual with a plan. What plan? He does not reveal more than he needs too. He is a man of many secrets. He is ruthless and does what he needs to do in order to move his plan (whatever it is) forward. He is the ultimate when it comes to lying and manipulating those around him (T). Even when he talks, he seemingly is a polite and upstanding fellow But his promises and words always prove to be empty. Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Juliet Burke - Best Guess: IXTJ - Juliet is a private person (I) that one never knows what she is thinking. Is she honest? Or she an infiltrator sent by Ben? She is not trusted by many outside of Jack. Interestingly, this does not seem to phase her one bit. An F would have their feelings hurt. She has a very workman like attitude to her environment (T). She always plots her next course and never acts out of spontaneity. She can see the big picture of an NT. Yet, she is almost conflicted by the course of working with (or having once worked with) Ben, who--to her--just seems like a person who has no conscience. This is almost an SJ mentality. I believe she is in between, and until more light is shed on her, is an IXTJ. Strongest Letter(s): IT

Desmond Hume
- Best Guess: ENFP - Desmond is a very impulsive person (P) who seems as if he is always nervous or a bit jumpy (F). He is a very "reactive" to other people. Though he seems as if he is an isolationist, he merely lives in his own idealistic (NF) world. Knowing that he can not save everyone from their potentially disastrous fate, he is constantly weighed down by this emotional burden. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Charlie Pace - Best Guess: ESFP - Charlie is an entertainer in a rock band. He is a performer. While occasionally being a shy extrovert, he does not like being alone. Often seeking out people to talk too, Charlie can be gregarious. Being a typical SP, he often times resents authority and is easily annoyed when Jack tries to enforce it. Charlie is an unhealthy F and this seems to have been either affected by--or even led to--his drug addiction. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Not much to say here. This cast seems to have a strong J vs P extreme. The doers that are involved in all of the action; the followers that sit back and watch whats happens. Most of the followers are F's so they tend to have struggles with this tough environment.

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House M.D.

Character Analysis: What happens when you profile an all doctor cast? Time to delve into the cast of House and see what patterns we can find.

Meet the Characters

Dr. Gregory House - Best Guess: INTP; possibly ENTP - House is possibly the most insensitive character on television. He only cares about results, just slightly ahead of himself. Though being extremely confrontational, a pot stirrer, and verbally aggressive (often E traits), he struggles to maintain any deep friendships (outside of Dr. Wilson), and seems to have the need to "recharge" after such encounters. This is often an introverted trait. Being completely innovative and having absolutely no use for normal practicing traditions, he is a solid NT. I believe he is a P because he often spontaneously prescribes a medical condition and/or treatment on his patients. Then in the end, he goes back and continues to refine his theories. It is a very open ended and impulsive attitude. He seems more comfortable and sure of himself when he is brain storming as opposed to when he comes to a judgment. Strongest Letter(s): NT

Dr. Lisa Cuddy - Best Guess: ESFJ - Cuddy is quick to balance House's strong T and open-ended ways with a more grounded and judicious--but ultimately emotional--element (FJ). As the supervisor of the staff, she follows (and enforces) the rules accordingly (SJ). It is no wonder, that though she is a gifted doctor she has rose to an administrative position. She does not hesitate to confront House on any matter that is questionable (E) and she is one of the few who will not let him walk all over her authority. She is a quick guardian of the patients anytime she sees House acting inconsiderately and is quick to act on behalf of their feelings. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Dr. James Wilson - Best Guess: INFJ; occasionally leans ISFJ - Wilson is House's only friend. Part of the reason that Wilson can coexist with House is because he seems to view House as a project that can be fixed., a trait that can often be identified with an INFJ. He always wants to encourage him in the "right ways"--seemingly an SJ lean. But it is more out of principle, (NF) than traditional (SJ). Wilson can be puzzling because he is conservative and tends to shy away from House's rebellious attitudes. But ultimately, Wilson wants what is best for his friend and will do what needs to be done in order to help him. When House was under investigation for his over-the-counter drug addictions, Wilson is the only one who agrees to help the officer. He felt this was the best course of action. Strongest Letter(s): IF

The Old Team

Dr. Eric Foreman - Best Guess: INTJ - Foreman is a character that has fluctuated from beginning to end. He has shown he is more apt to choose the safer and planned way in doing things (J); he often disagrees with House's more reckless P tactics. Foreman is a thinker (I) and he never acts impulsively until all aspects of the problem are looked at (J). Although many times, he does seem very empathetic towards the patients, in an almost F-like manner, I believe ultimately he is a T. If he feels the right away to accomplish something goes against the patients will, he will do it regardless. Displaying a classic T attitude, he usually chooses to be honest rather than catering to the feelings of someone else. He once told Cameron straight forwarded that they will never be friends and she is nothing more than a colleague to him. The most telling aspect of Foreman's character is when he left House's staff and sought employment elsewhere. He was unable to hold down a job because he had adopted House's NT utilitarian traits. While he was not being reckless, he did what was necessary regardless what the general rules allowed. Strongest Letter(s): IT

Dr. Allison Cameron
- Best Guess: ENFP - Cameron is easily the most impulsive (P) and sensitive member on the team (F). She is quick to make (or deny) medical judgements based on her feelings. Though not extremely extroverted, she is usually the one initialing conversations (E). She tends to be very idealistic (NF) in her outlook--not only with the patients--but even with the other doctors. House, who is notoriously rude and insensitive, does not phase Cameron. She has always had a (small) romantic interest in him and tends to idealize him for what he does (a brilliant doctor) than for what he is (obnoxious). If there is one doctor who would do something out of her own goodwill and beliefs, it is Cameron. She did step outside of her normal character briefly with her casual "flings" with Dr. Chase. While he became emotionally vested, she did not in a very curious T-like move. However, she may have been fooling herself as the couple did get together later on. Strongest Letter(s): NF

Dr. Robert Chase - Best Guess: ISTP - The Australian, Dr. Chase, like Dr. Cameron is of a very impulsive nature (P). He is quick to argue in what he believes in and often times it involves a very SP utilitarian manner in that--like the rest of the staff--innovative thinking takes precedence over established guidelines. Like many STP's, he occasionally can become emotionally fired up over some situations. However, it usually stems out of frustration when things are not going his way or to his liking. When he was initially let go of by House, he became fairly hardened to the situation once the initial feelings wore off (T). Strongest Letter(s): P

The New Team

Dr. Chris Taub - Best Guess: ENTP; possibly ESTP - Taub, although being new to House's team, will not hesitate to go against him. The rules do not always apply to Taub if there is a better way. And if there is an innovative way to do things (to resist House, to treat a patient, etc.), Taub will find a way. Although "only" being a plastic surgeon he is able to succeed in a more intensive environment with his creative problem solving. Strongest Letter(s): TP

Dr. Lawrence Kutner - Best Guess: ESFP- Kutner is easily the most enthusiastic member on this new team. Or even the old one for that matter. And he does not hesitate to do whatever House wants him to do (often times against the rules). He has that SFP feel in that he seems to radiate a fun and pleasant attitude. He is easily distracted and likes to take things with a a casual attitude. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Thirteen - Best Guess: ISTP; possibly ISFP - The (for now) nameless "Thirteen" is an intensely private (I) doctor. She is often compared to Cameron as the young female doctor on the team--but they could not be more different. Whereas Cameron is emotional and quick to reveal what she is thinking, Thirteen only speaks when she needs to. She chooses not give away any private information about herself to the others. This strikes me as an oddly T trait. However, she does have a developed emotional side beneath her exterior as she seems naturally scared to find out the potential medical condition she may carry: Thus putting off the testings. While not being overly aggressive, she will do what she feels is right. Strongest Letter(s): I

So in the end, it seems House has hired on a very balanced team in both cases. NF, SP, SJ. And then SP, SP,NT. Of course, the team is only as smart as its leader. And this team has one very ornery, yet brilliant man leading them.

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Character Analysis: The characters on 24 do not last for a long time. Most are killed off or are never heard from again. So despite the limited information we have on some, let us try to see why each one acts the way they do.

Meet the Characters:

Jack Bauer - Best Guess: ISTP - Jack is the quintessential ISTP. He is very impulsive (P) and prefers to use his tools (weapons, fists, etc.) over word (negotiating, discussion, etc). There is nothing overly deep about Jack's persona. Like most SP's, the rules do not apply to him. He does what needs to be done in order to get things done. He is the ultimate utilitarian and an SJ's worst nightmare. In one circumstance, he even allowed himself to become dependent on heroin in order to fulfill an assignment. He has no boundaries or limits of what he will or will not do. Even when he tries to maintain a low profile, the need for excitement (or simply the boredom) usually brings him out of hiding. Outside of the well being of his own family, Jack does not have time to search out his feelings. He is simply a machine and every emotion is bottled up. On occasion, he will let his guard down and express regret, joy, or sorrow. But this is only done at the end of a long days work... Strongest Letter(s): TP

Chloe O'Brian - Best Guess: INTP - Chloe is socially awkward (I) and is best utilized when in front of a computer where her specialties far excel that beyond of a normal user. This is simply a trait of an NT. She always speaks what is on her mind and it is often done without any common tact whatsoever. Traditional values do not really apply to her. Most things she says are related to her logical beliefs (T). She simply speaks what makes the most sense. If you are annoying, she will tell you to go away. It is just the logical thing to do. Strongest Letter(s): IT

Tony Almeida - Best Guess: INFJ; slightly INTJ- When convenient, Tony will follow authority. But if there is any doubt about intentions or execution, Tony will do things his own way. It was once said he has a Master's degree in Computer Science. Combining this with the fact that he seems to care about the most efficient ways for things to be done, he seems like a solid NT? He has no trouble working alone if needed (I) , and often plans his next move (J). This sometimes directly clashes with Jack's extremely impulsive style. With this being said, Tony is known for overreacting based on his emotional inclinations. Strongest Letter(s): IT

President David Palmer - Best Guess: ENTJ - The always calm and collected (T) Palmer makes for an ideal President. He is charismatic and knows how to please those listening (E). He gets things done in an efficient, and sometimes an unconventional matter if that is what is needed. He trusts his instincts over SJ traditional philosophy. He is always deliberate in his actions and will seek a second opinion if needed. Of course, that does not mean he will concede his responsibility. He is never afraid to make the hard decisions. Strongest Letter(s): J

Michelle Dessler - Best Guess: ESFJ; possibly ISFJ - Michelle tends to be a rule follower (SJ) and thus is promoted to head of CTU at one point. Of course, on occasion she will have to break them because this is what happens when you are an SJ that considers themselves as Jack's friend. While being an F, she does a fairly good job at keeping her emotions in check. She always tries to think things out rationally before she acts. She tries to leave personal bias in the back seat whenever possible. Sometimes, however, it is simply too much for her to maintain this logical disposition, so in the end, she does what she feels is right (F). But at least she is very balanced in this regard. And because she is not a very strong E--if an E at all, she does not force her emotional judgments (FJ) on those around her. When she does control CTU, however, she definitely takes control as a J would. Strongest Letter(s): F

Mike Novick - Best Guess: ISTJ - Like most ISTJ's, Mike is a terrific assistant who can take care of the "paperwork" and loose ends (IJ). Of course, he does not assist in small matters; he is the assistant to at least two different Presidents. He is so concerned about the chain of command (SJ) that he wants his object (Palmer, Logan, etc) to raise themselves as high as they can go. It is extremely difficult for him to go against the rules. However, we know more than a couple of times, after a lot of convincing and proving that he is supporting the wrong ideals, he can be reasoned with (T). Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Kim Bauer - Best Guess: ISFP; possibly ESFP - The easiest aspect of Kim to distinguish is her appearance. She dresses like a typical SP teenager in that she dresses for style and looks. She is a person of impulsive emotional responses and usually because of this she finds herself in trouble, and inevitably, make things harder for her. and her father Jack. This show does not have room for many SFP's, so no wonder why she was essentially written out. Strongest Letter(s): FP

Audrey Raines - Best Guess: ISFJ - Audrey is more concerned about protecting the law rather than enforcing it. Her sensitivity (F) and concern (SJ) balances out Jack's rigid STP nature very well. Being a friendly-minded guardian, she does well in her job as a liaison between different government agencies. ISFJ's can be very good diplomats. They stand up for what they believe in without burning too many bridges along the way. Audrey is a very peaceable person. Strongest Letter(s): IF

Wayne Palmer - Best Guess: ESTP - If Wayne's brother David is the logical one, than Wayne is the impulsive. When it comes to tough decisions, they do not come very easily for him (P). The marital affair that Wayne was involved in at one time shows his lack of foresight, thus reinforced his P. He made out best when he was David's Chief of Staff in season 3 by handling the controversies of the administration in such matters as the chaos created by Sherry Palmer. His tough-minded disposition would not be influenced by her wily ways. He was a Marine for several years, thus cementing his STP nature. One can see that he smoothly talked his way into The Oval Office after his brother's death. Strongest Letter(s): P

Curtis Manning - Best Guess: Possibly ESTJ or ISTJ - Curtis is quick to take charge and the rules will be followed under his watch (SJ). Being a field operative Curtis is no doubt a T. He may be an E because he is quick to supervise, but he is not one to say more than what he needs to. Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Sherry Palmer - Best Guess: ENFJ; possibly ESFJ - Sherry is a schemer (J). Most of her schemes are related to her own personal glory or her radical ideals (NF). She is aggressive in the way she conducts herself and is not afraid to create conflict (EFJ). She becomes so emotionally vested into the political life that when she is forced to abandon it after David dismisses her as his wife and from her office--she cannot tolerate such treatment and begins to follow and even more radical and wayward course. Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Aaron Pierce - Best Guess: INFJ - Aaron, intensely private (I), has shown that he cares about doing the right thing, even if it means his own danger. Being a member of the secret service, he must care about the welfare of the President above all. However, he quickly abandons this position when he learns President Logan is up to no good. No, he will not blindly do what he's told to do, but he will do what is best for the country (NF). Strongest Letter(s): IJ

President Charles Logan - Best Guess: ESTP - Logan loves to be "the face" of the people. When things are going fine he is confident and tries to appear likable. But when the going gets tough, he simply does not think things through. He is not acting on emotion, he is merely a T that makes really bad judgment calls. While the public may be fooled by this President, those inside his inner circle see what a coward and fraud that he is. It seems he rose to power based on words and promises. Strongest Letter(s): P

Bill Buchanan - Best Guess: ISTJ; possibly ISFJ - Bill is a quiet man (I) who thinks before he acts (J). Despite starting off as a hard-nosed rule follower, he does eventually mellow out and will respond well to reason as he becomes a invaluable to Jack. Strongest Letter(s): SJ

Christopher Henderson - Best Guess: INTJ - Henderson, Jack's mentor, is a mastermind. In his only season on the series, he is involved in a very complex plot--and he is behind most of it (TJ). Clearly not a rule follower, he left the world of law enforcement and the military, in order create a more efficient system. Being a specialized sniper in the military, one would often have to be alone (I) and deliberate (J). Strongest Letter(s): NJ

Secretary of Defense James Heller - Best Guess: ESTJ - Heller is a patriot and a politician. The way he treats his children--he is adamantly opposed to the radical political ideals of his NF son, and he prefers keeping Audrey away from Jack who has a knack for a dangerous lifestyle--shows his conservative ideals (SJ). He will always choose duty over personal feelings (T). Strongest Letter(s): TJ

After reviewing each of these individuals, there is no pattern I really saw here. I expected more STP's due to the nature of the show. But because Jack is such an extreme example--and the only person who is regular on this show--his personality is pushed in the forefront.

Gilmore Girls

Character Analysis: Today, we break down Gilmore Girls, this female-heavy drama of fast-paced dialog. There is a large ensemble of characters, so let's not waste time...

Meet the Characters

Lorelai Gilmore - Best Guess: ESFP; with NF Leanings - Lorelai may be perhaps the most talkative character on television (EEE!!!) and simply has a witty response for everything. Being irresponsible at a young age, and becoming pregnant with her daughter Rory at 16--while not being married--she choose to leave the proper and materialistic life of her parents behind so she can raise her daughter in a small-town atmosphere in an idealistic setting. Lorelai--whether intentionally or not--throws herself in the center of attention no matter where she is. Most conversations with her revolve around pop culture references, gossip, or other down to earth topics (S). She lives life with a carefree attitude and takes things one day at a time. There is no long-term planning with Lorelai. As long as she is (1) having fun and (2) close to her daughter, there isn't much else she needs to be happy (SFP). She does have a slight leaning towards an NF side in that she is a romantic. Strongest Letter(s): EEEFFFPPP!

Rory Gilmore - Best Guess: INFJ with SJ leanings - Rory is an extremely shy (I) and studious person (J). Being the perfect student in school (i.e. not getting into trouble; high grades), she sets out on her long journey to become a writer in the form of CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour. In the fashion of Amanpour who travels the dangerous world for the sake of journalism, Rory has the same idealistic NF desires. Walking down a street, Rory would not be looking at what is going on around her, but dreaming inside her own fanciful world (N). That is, when she is not nose-deep in a novel. It is worth noting that Rory does have strong SJ inclinations as well; she is an obsessive rule follower. As she enters the later part of her college years--and seeing the choice of her "companion" (Logan)--she shows less signs of being an N and seems more grounded in an worldly (S) environment. Strongest Letter(s): IJ

Luke Danes - Best Guess: INTJ; with strong ISTJ leanings - Wearing his hat backwards, notorious flannel shirts, and constant 5 0'clock shadow on his beard, one might think Luke is an SP. However, he is an organized person in most other aspects; (he is an effective personal business manager to name one). His appearance is merely that of an NT who dresses for need, comfort, and utility--rather than occasion (SJ) or expression (SP & NF). Though often being grumpy when dealing with people (I), Luke likes to frustrate local rule-abiding STJ Taylor whenever possible. In going back to the theme of organization, Luke is the perfect complement to Lorelai in most ways. He balances her procrastination and even her emotional impulses with a (sometimes) calm and reasoning disposition. In a twist, Luke can have moments where he is a rigid SJ rule follower. Go figure. Strongest Letter(s): T

Emily Gilmore - Best Guess: ESTJ - Lorelai's mother is quick to tell (E) a person how to handle themselves properly (SJ) in all situations and tends to be extremely controlling (TJ) in how she does this. She has more regard for tradition than for a happy family life (T). If the family becomes strained with one another--or unhappy with Emily, this is a small price to be payed in order to maintain the "Gilmore" dignity. Additionally, the arranged Friday night dinners with Lorelai and Rory are very pleasing to Emily, even though they are completely contrived as part of a "business deal". The appearance of a traditional family setting is what she is concerned about--a close second to that of getting to know her own granddaughter. Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Richard Gilmore - Best Guess: ISTJ - Richard, the astute businessman rather be left alone from his tenacious wife in order to handle his daily affairs and conduct his investments accordingly(I). If Richard and Emily agree on one thing, it is that being proper and dignified comes before all (SJ), including affection (T). Strongest Letter(s): IJ

Christopher Hayden - Best Guess: ESTP - Rory's father Christopher has shown that he is a man who lives in the here and now (SP) and is more interested in himself than in his family in that he is extremely unreliable as a father (T). A man who will come out of the shadows spontaneously advertising his latest ideas to Lorelai and Rory (E)--and then decide to drive off back into the sunset on his motorbike from whence he came. Strongest Letter(s): ST

Dean Forester - Best Guess: ISTP - Rory's first boyfriend--and escapade--is a man of action and impulse (SP). While occasionally showing moments of emotional responses such as jealousy, he much rather take Rory for a spin in his car, as opposed to being the center of attention in a social situation (IT). When Rory spurns Dean for Jess, Dean is quick to make a rash decision (P) and marry someone else in order to prove a point. He is not one who is known for being very bright upstairs. Strongest Letter(s): TP

Jess Mariano - Best Guess: INTP with ever so slight SP leanings - Rory's second boyfriend, Jess, has no regard for the rules and no respect for the popular opinion. He rather just keep his nose down in whichever book he is reading and just ignore you (I). He comes off as a rebel (SP?), but really, he is just content with doing his own thing. His "thing" just happens to sometimes contradict local laws and traditional values. Strongest Letter(s): IN

Logan Huntzberger - Best Guess: ESTP - Rory's third boyfriend, Logan, is the quintessential ESTP. He talks the talk, walks the walk and delivers promises left and right. Most promises seem to be empty. Only in his early twenties and coming from a wealthy family, Logan dresses like an important man and looks down on everyone else as lesser. It seems he has been well taught by his largely ESTP father. Everywhere he goes, Logan must fit in and add his personal opinion to whatever subject is being discussed. It is all a part of his elevated level of self-importance. It almost seems there is a lack of self-esteem here? Strongest Letter(s): STP

Paris Geller - Best Guess: ENTJ with slight SJ leanings - Paris wants to have a higher GPA than you and once she achieves it, she will have no problem telling you this fact (E). Intentionally or not, Paris stirs up competition wherever she goes (T). Being a TJ girl she finds it slightly difficult to compete with her peers in finding the right boy--and when she does, it is always an odd choice. This, however, is only a secondary concern after academics--and winning. She will outdue you by any means neccasary (NT) and has a sensational desire for power (could be STJ or NTJ). In a very SJ twist, she often tries hard to fit in with her peers. Either way (NT or SJ), it is her TJ that rules all. Strongest Letter(s): ETJ

Lane Kim - Best Guess: ISFP - Lane has two central plot themes. (1) Her total rebellion from her religious and traditional ISTJ mother. (2) Her involvement and love for music and later joining a band. These two themes show me that Lane is an SP. While ISFP's are perhaps the nicest of all 16 profiles, Lane borders into N-hood. So she is not always aware of those around her as she may be known to daydream. Ultimately, however, she is an extremely pleasant and "fun" person to be around (SFP)--that is, once she allows you inside her bubble (I). Strongest Letter(s): FP

Sookie St. James - Best Guess: ESFP - Sookiee the cook loves to have fun (SFP). In fact, it's when she is cooking up her latest and elaborate meal or desert is when she is the most excited. Containing her emotions (F) or keeping her "bubbly" demeanor (E) calm--are definitely not her strong suits. Like Lorelai, entering the inn business was the right choice. There she can entertain and make people happy. Strongest Letter(s): EF

Kirk Gleason - Best Guess: ENTP - The classic entrepreneur, Kirk can be seen around town wearing many hats (TP) but specializing in none. Despite being actively involved in so many lines of work--and many requiring social interaction (E), he still lives with his mother. Kirk is slightly odd, if not outwardly eccentric. It seems he sees the world in a completely different manner than the rest of us (N), and he would be quick to argue this point. This world is Kirk's oyster and we are just living in it. Strongest Letter(s): ET

Miss Patty - Best Guess: ESFJ - This town busybody and gossip, like most EFJ's, can be intimidating. They are quick to force their emotional judgments on others so you better walk on tip-toes around Miss Patty. One mistake and the whole town will know about it. It might be safer to do what she says. It's probably not worth the effort to fight her. Strongest Letter(s): EJ

Babbette Dell - Best Guess: ESTJ - Lorelia's neighbor Babbette is loud (E), touch-skinned (T) and the only citizen who is willing to stand up to Taylor's no-nonsense attitude. I am not sure that she fits in as a typical SJ because she does not have the rule following mentality, but like fellow SJ's, Taylor and Miss Patty, she is ingrained deeply on the activities of the community. Strongest Letter(s): ET

Taylor Doose - Best Guess: ESTJ - Taylor is the entire government of the small town of Stars Hollows (SJ). He usually can be seen enforcing the rules (STJ) or leading the town meetings (E). Don't cross Taylor or you might end up in jail. Actually, is there even a jail here? Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Michel Gerard - Best Guess: ISTJ - Michel is an extreme TJ who is constantly annoyed by the two extreme FP's he works for--Lorelai and Sookie. He has no sense of humor and does not appreciate theirs. He is the king of dirty looks as he makes his unhappiness known in his arrogantly thick French accent. Strongest Letter(s): IJ

So there you have it. This might be the most balanced cast ever?