Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Juno (Movie)

Character Analysis: In my first personality profile of a movie, I have the task of dissecting the four principle characters of the critically acclaimed independent film--Juno. In Juno, I am only going to look at the title character herself, the father of her child (Bleeker), and the potential adoptive parents (Mark and Vanessa). The rest of the cast are merely side characters that were not developed to a large extent--with the exception of Juno's mother (SFJ?). It goes without saying, if you have not seen the movie, there are spoilers just ahead...

Meet the Characters

Juno MacGuff (portrayed by Ellen Page) - Best Guess: ENTP - Juno, an exceptionally well-written character has been known to turn a phrase or two (E). Often times, she is looking for reactions and to stir up a little mischief. Other times, she will just tell you how it is, without thinking about possible consequences (often, an NTP trait). Juno is a very strong T. She does not even hesitate to put her child up for adoption. Being still in high school, she immediately recognizes she is not in a position to be a mother. Therefore, it only is logical for her to give the child up. And she does it without much thought. She even volunteers to cut all ties with the baby once it is born--despite being offered otherwise. Clearly, emotions does not play in at all with her thinking. Of course even the strongest T is an emotional person too--they just keep things bottled up very easily. In due time, things will come to a head and an emotional meltdown is waiting nearby. Juno goes through this of sorts towards the end of the film, before the child's father--Bleeker--must step in to set things straight. Ironically, the one area where Juno is emotional is her romantic feelings towards Bleeker himself. Despite these feelings, she is known to act indifferent around him--that is until jealously sets in. (which can grab hold of any personality type). Looking at her appearance she dresses not to please (SP), not of what is expected (SJ). She dresses out of her own comfort and utility (NT). Strongest Letter(s): TP

Paulie Bleeker (portrayed by Michael Cera) - Best Guess: ISFP - In the Juno-Bleeker relationship, Bleeker is by far the the more sensitive, gentle, and caring of the two. He is a deeply emotional person and will fight for what he believes in. However, he will try to maintain a peaceful and harmonious relationship as long as possible before he will show this fighting spirit. Just as he tries to silently support Juno all along, he is eventually forced to go against his SFP nature and assert his opinions on her as a last resort once he feels she begins to act irresponsibly. As a long-distance track runner, he is often alone, reflective, (I) and soaking in the outdoor environment on his paths. This is a peaceful activity for a peaceful person. Strongest Letter(s): IF

Vanessa Loring (portrayed by Jenifer Garner) - Best Guess: ISFJ - Vanessa is a textbook example of an SJ. She is a traditionalist. She likes the nice suburban home, perfect family, white picket fence, with 2.5 children to care for. Although in her current situation (unable to become pregnant), she will settle for 1 child--Juno's unborn child. Looking at her house, she keeps everything clean and organized (J). Clutter is virtually non-existent. It is a "perfect" environment. Though I believe she is ultimately an I (i.e. soft-spoken), she does seem to have well attuned hosting skills, as she seems like one who enjoys entertaining others. However, this may be due to the "perfect" environment she tries so hard to nurture. In the end, we see she is a truly honest, caring woman that wants nothing more than to be a mother who is able to nurture her child to the fullest (F). Strongest Letter(s): SJ

Mark Loring (portrayed by Jason Bateman) - Best Guess: ESTP; leaning I - Vanessa's husband Mark is one who is able to put on images. While not being a full-fledged extrovert (he enjoys quiet time to himself where he can perfect his craft), he is enough of an ESTP which allows him to be smooth of tongue and to fit-in wherever he goes. Even his wife is fooled. He is a musician (another SP trait) and puts this before everything else--and in the end, including his family. The way he leads his life in this reckless manner shows strong STP qualities. Unlike his SJ wife, who is seeking the perfect family, Mark's SP years for his days of freedom and irresponsibility. Even though he can exist in such an organized environment, we see that Mark has his own music room that is far from an SJ-created environment. This is where he is able to be himself. Strongest Letter(s): ST