Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sports Night

Character Analysis: This vastly underrated, drama/sitcom hybrid, from West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, that was gone far too soon after a second season cancellation is next up for character analysis.  Will this cast be SP heavy as one would think in a sports-heavy environment?

Meet the Characters

Dan Rydell (portrayed by Josh Charles) - Best Guess: ESTP - In recent portraits, I have started to notice patterns between a portrait of a character that is "healthy", and an identical portrait to one that is not.  Overall, this cast of characters seem to be very healthy for a TV show.  Dan, appears to be the exception to the rule.  As a typical ESTP, he thrives on attention, is a smooth talker, quickly involved--but less inclined to follow through.  The main aspect of his "unhealth" seems to be seen in his romantic encounters.  He is quick to approach the ladies, but seems to have an easily bruised ego if pushed away.  This has caused many moments where I questioned the nature of his T.  Though the effects of a bruised ego (especially to an ESTP) really has nothing to do with ones F-side.  Like a moth, he gets drawn back to the flame over and over, and rarely learns.  Believing in his salesman like approach, he keeps going back for more.     Strongest Letter(s): SP

Casey McCall (portrayed by Peter Krause) - Best Guess: ESTJ- Unlike fellow anchorman Dan, Casey, although another strong, male, T-personality; he is much more aggressive and motivated (J).  In the rare instances when Casey and Dan do not get along, it revolves around Casey being too assertive in acting as the "lead" man, rather than working as a team.  This is a problem that many partnerships have when a TP and TJ are working together.  The J automatically begins to assert his role and "suggest" how things proceed.  Casey, I believe, is an SJ--though not in an extreme.  He is much more traditional, conservative than Dan, chases the one woman whom he looks sentimentally on from their history together (unlike, say Dan, who can not stay focused in such a way).   Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Dana Whitaker (portrayed by Felicity Huffman) - Best Guess: ESFJ- Dana is most often seen running around the office stressing over her responsibilities as the main producer, or involved in complicated romantic situations were she is equally absorbed.  At first glance, she appears to have some SFP care-free type traits, but she is too high stress for this type.  As the lead producer she needs to be an organized J and she is relatively successful.  She is not one to back down, especially in a situation revolving around emotional aspects (see interpersonal relationships).  EFJ's can be easily stirred, and Dana is not one to be crossed.  On the other hand, she uses these same traits to protect and provide for those under her, taking the fall when needed.  Making sure their jobs are protected.   Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Jeremy Goodwin (portrayed by Joshua Malina) - Best Guess: INTJ - While the sports industry, and sports fans themselves are dominated by the "S" (concrete) element, many times an NT can be just as passionate.  While the SP or SJ might analyze the physical prowess, the hierarchy of the figures involved, or even the emotional impact, the NT can thrive on number crunching, analyzing data, detecting patterns, and the pure in-game strategies.  For all of these latter reasons, Jeremy, a very solid NT without question, thrives in the sporting environment; almost as the office "professor".  A man that many go to when needing critical analysis.  He is very assertive in acquiring this knowledge which leads me to believe that he is a J, not a P.  In a stroke of TV fantasy (or is it?) Jeremy, an awkward, introverted NT, somehow ends up romantically involved with the ESFP, Natalie (below).  While this works or not, is a fantasy or not, I am not sure.  What I do know is, they did portray very accurately of an NT in a relationship in such a scenario--once this relationship was established. Many awkward moments follow.  Jeremy struggling to grasp emotional needs, etc.      Strongest Letter(s): NT

Natalie Hurley (portrayed by Sabrina Lloyd) - Best Guess: ESFP- Natalie, the assistant producer to Dana, is a very typical SFP.  She likes to have fun, leans on her emotions, and is a kind person--though capable of venom if hurt.  Like others in this drama, she is of a "healthy" nature and is able to complete her responsibilities as a producer.  Typical to her portrait, she has fun doing her job (it helps that she is true sports fan) and because she works within a group of people in a lenient environment (where ESFP's thrive), she is able to have success where sometimes SP's may fail in terms of responsibility.    Strongest Letter(s): FP

Issac Jaffe (portrayed by Robert Guillaume) - Best Guess: ISTJ- Issac is the quiet leader of the studio.  He is a responsible man that sets forth goals and accomplishes them.  Though a very strong TJ, and despite being the highest ranking employee: due to his introverted nature, he will only be confrontational if needed.  If it is needed, his point is clearly made.  Usually the target of these "confrontations" will fall in line as he is deeply respected as a healthy SJ should be.  Issac mixes just the right balance between friendship and leadership; he is very able in his role. Strongest Letter(s): IJ