Saturday, May 07, 2011

30 Rock

Character Analysis: 30 Rock, the brilliantly written NBC comedy. Quirky, crazy, and a cast full of characters that are begging to be profiled.

Meet the Characters

Liz Lemon (portrayed by TinaFey) - Best Guess: INFJ - Liz may be the most complex person on this cast. If you read all profiles here, you will find that most are exaggerated in their types; and usually at a drastically unhealthy level. Liz, appears to be no better off, but one might wonder if it is simply a product of what she has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Her head is often somewhere else, she is unfocused on what is in front of her. Highly uncomfortable in social, concrete situations. She is a definitive N. In her clashes with her staunchly NTJ superior, she usually walks away flustered. (A clash between an INFJ vs ENTJ with different principles can lead to an ugly situation.) Jack Donaghy wins every time (and as her boss, winning a verbal spat simply means policy is now implemented). Liz is thus thrown in a Lion's Pit where she is forced to deal with totally unhealthy SJ's, SP's and NT's. While INFJ's (on a healthy level at least) make excellent one-on-one counselors (as Liz does with Jenna who desperately needs any help she can get), Liz is often overwhelmed and walks away completely drained after dealing with the "crazies" under her. To read more about what she has to deal with, continue reading... Strongest Letter(s): FJ

Jack Donaghy (portrayed by Alec Baldwin) - Best Guess: ENTJ - Jack is a take-charge leader with a penchant for the "big picture". Not one to get emotional, or even worry about stomping on the feelings of others (unless in the setting of a romantic relationship--he tends to loosen up), those under him know to follow his lead, and those who don't are often left behind. Much smarter than an ESTJ middle-manager, he is the leader behind a large corporation with his eye on the top seat. Jack wants authority, not to push others around, but simply to implement his ideas. In his view, he is completely qualified and shows it with an NTJ-style arrogance. Liz, (or as he likes to simply call her "Lemon"), usually is the one who has to balance his overzealous ways with the less driven group (along with the less stable) under her. Usually torn by her emotional ways, she is usually caught between Jack's win-at-all-cost attitude and balancing it with the needs of others. In the end, she usually has no chance in standing up to him and walks away with slight emotional damage (as many do when confronting an ENTJ). Strongest Letter(s): TJ

Kenneth Parcell (portrayed by Jack McBrayer) - Best Guess: ENFP - At first glance, Kenneth seems to be a true SJ. Rule abiding, organized, clean-cut. But then, Kenneth is one of those exaggerated TV characters full of conflict. So looking deeper into his motives, I believe he shows much more in the way of an NF. He is extremely idealistic, never sees the bad of any situation, not practical like an SJ in any way (and SJ's tend to be pessimists), Kenneth is not just a half glass full type, he is a glass full and overflowing. He tries to change others for the better and personal relationships are extremely important. Yes he is organized, but he is not an FJ who tends to break down under changes. Kenneth is well prepared for change (P) and has proven to be a adaptable. Especially in his constant dealings with the erratic Tracy and Jenna. Strongest Letter(s): EF

Tracy Jordan (portrayed by Tracy Morgan) - Best Guess: ESFP - Tracy is an extreme ESFP. Every single trait of his are completely imbalanced. Probably, most prominent of them all is his F-side. Almost every line that comes from his mouth (besides being extremely loud) are motivated by pure feeling. He is easily classified as one who is needy. Needs to be coddled. Needs to be needed. He is extremely sensitive and therefore requires the presence of Grizz,, and Kenneth to give time constant attention at all times. Without attention, he would literally (okay, maybe not "literally") wither away into nothingness. Along with his lack of "professionalism" (usually seen in his casual attire and speech), Tracy also focus much of his time with many physical vices that are usually traits associated with an SP. Naturally, as an ESFP Performer, he obviously succeeds as the star of TGS as an over-the-top comedian. Strongest Letter(s): EEEE FFFF !!!!

Jenna Maroney (portrayed by Jane Krakowski) - Best Guess: ESFP - Jenna, like Tracy is an ESFP to the core and is just as extreme. However, because they have different balances in different traits, they do have strong differences as well. Jenna, is also what we call "needy" and appears to be at a much more unhealthy level than Tracy is in this area. They both exhibit signs of very strong F qualities that impact their daily decisions. One noted difference is that Jenna is much more of a concrete thinker (S) than even Tracy (how is this possible?). Almost every thought and worry that comes to her mind revolves around superficial issues; issues that can only be seen in front of her. Unlike Cerie (below) who seeks attention in massive amounts (possibly because of a privileged, egotistical upbringing), Jenna does seek this out as well--but for much different reasons. She has deeply ingrained emotional hurt and is constantly seeking some sort of confirmation of her worth and does this by acting out in front of others. Strongest Letter(s): EEEE SSSS !!!!

Pete Hornberger (portrayed by Scott Adsit) - Best Guess: ISFP - Pete is a difficult one to profile. So let's establish what we know. He is not overly conservative, and seems to display no evidence of organization, promptness, and at times can appear disshelved. I just don't see any evidence of Pete being an abstract thinker either so everything thus far can rule out NT, NF or SJ. He seems to be a sensitive person (almost in an unhealthy way) that shows an F side. He is clearly introverted and seems almost intimidated by pressure applied from others (I). So at this point, he appears to be an ISFP. Out of all 16 profiles, ISFP's are known for being the most gentle type, caring and artistic. I'd say Pete is at an unhealthy level in most of these traits, but he does--in his own unique way--seems to show his "niceness" to others. Usually shown through his close relationship with Liz. Strongest Letter(s): IF

Frank Rossitano (portrayed by Judah Friedlander) - INTP - Dirty, insensitive, grimy, and pervy. Frank is a classic TP, at a very unhealthy level. Looking at the utilitarian style of dress, this alone shows his inner NT. (His choice of hats also seems to be another indication due to the required innovation.) Neither clean, nor motivated, he is a definitive P. Not the Schemer of an NTJ but an architect of possibilities of an NTP. He sits back and lets the world react to him, not the other way around. . Strongest Letter(s): TP

Cerie (portrayed by Katrina Bowden) - ESFP - Cerie seems to have been born into a life of privilege. She believes in really nothing but her own worth. Her dress (or lack of) easily indicates an SP "trending" style. Never focused on much of anything, and always found worshiping her own image, she seeks attention constantly. Not for overcompensation (see Jenna), but simply because it feeds her inner battery (E). Her ESFP is slightly less expressive then Jenna or Tracy, and that is because her F side is much more in check and her extroverted qualities does not come in the form of words, as much as attention whoring. Strongest Letter(s): SP

Toofer (portrayed by Keith Powell) - Best Guess: ISTJ - Toofer, always conservative and uncomfortable with the SP antics of Tracy and the NT carelessness of Frank, he simply wants to fit in as SJ's often do. Being a part of the "institution" being a key trait. Because Toofer has strong T trait's he is much better at tolerating those around him than an SFJ would. Toofer is usually only contributing to a conversation when called upon. When he volunteers dialog, it is usually to the point. He is one who is never much for conversing (I). Strongest Letter(s):IT

Eventually, I will profile Lutz, but I don't quite get the character yet. Suggestions? Pass it on!

So, overall, this cast is full of SP's and N's--two obvious traits found in show business.