Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Star Trek: Voyager

Character Analysis: Star Trek Voyager somehow overshadowed Deep Space Nine in the mid-nineties because it was actually about space travel. It took me awhile to get on board, but it ended up being a quality show from beginning to end.  However, I still maintain DS9 had more intriguing characters, or do they?  Let's explore Captain Janeway and her motley crew...

Captain Kathryn Janeway (portrayed by Kate Mulgrew) - Best Guess: ISTP - Captain Janeway is really the closest comparison to Captain Kirk after you really look at them deeply.  While Kirk may be that ESTP-like used-car salesman-type, Janeway lets her actions do the talking.  They both share the similar disregard for authority, they both did their own thing, and they really like to utilize the "tools" around them.  She certainly respects the principles of Starfleet regulations and has all of the loyalty as you would expect in a ranking officer, but when you get right down to it:  She does what she wants.  While Picard delicately worked around the Prime Directive, she stomps on it.  She may have been the best Captain to handle Voyager's situation. - Strongest Letters(s): TP

Commander Chakotay (portrayed by Robert Beltran) - Best Guess: INFP- Perhaps the most soft spoken of the crew, and obviously influenced by his Native American heritage, Chakotay is seemingly always on a spiritual journey of sorts.  Maybe he can be stated to be an ISFP--the type that works well with nature, I don't know, but I am going to lean towards the N-side because so much of his beliefs and actions come from within than as a response to the concrete world.  Whether an INFP or ISFP, this seems to be a very unfit portrait to serve as a ships first officer.  Though, you have to give him credit for balancing out Janeway's lack of regard.  So in this way, it worked.  - Strongest Letters(s): NP

Lt. Tuvok (portrayed by Tim Russ) - Best Guess: ISTJ - It's really hard (or actually easy?) to type a Vulcan.  Like many of the alien species in Star Trek (or all of Sci-Fi actually) they tend to be less developed and more clichèd, in comparison to the humans.  Really, all Vulcan's are ISTJ's.  Or Maybe INTJ's.  They really don't waffle outside of those confines.  They follow rules and regulations (very SJ), unless logic dictates them to break it (so perhaps an NT?).  There is not a single Vulcan that is either E or P in Star Trek (assuming they have control of their mental faculties).  So there you have it:  ISTJ, with no real change here really between Tuvok or any other Vulcan I have seen (ok, T'Pol was slightly different, but I believe that was more likely a result of poor writing).  - Strongest Letters(s): TJ

Lt B'Elana Torres (portrayed by Roxann-Biggs Dawson) - Best Guess: ISTP - Everything written about Tuvok, probably applies here when it comes to alien stereotypes. Though B'Ellana's half human side does influence her development slightly.  She is as STP as most Klingons.  Though she is much more introverted.  Worf was most definitely an introvert, but I believe he actually was been well-developed for an alien.  He had a back-story that made him more reserved thant you woukld expect from a Klingon.  And this is probably true with Torres.  Ultimately, she, like Janeway, likes to let her hands do the work; so she fits in well with the ISTP mold. - Strongest Letters(s): TP

Lt. Tom Paris (portrayed by Robert Duncan-McNeil) - Best Guess: ESTP - Yet another STP on board Voyager.  It's amazing they were able to escape the Delta Quadrant in one piece (although they did offend about almost every species they met).  Paris is extremely gregarious.  A smooth-talker.  There is no denying his portrait of an ESTP.  His con-man past fits right up.  Though one of the most likable crewmen on board, I'd say his development slightly lacked (except the expected turnaround from con-man to father); really, there really isn't much more to say here. - Strongest Letters(s): SP

Ensign Harry Kim (portrayed by Garrat Wang) - Best Guess: ISTJ- Kim, like Parris (and ironically best buds), really weren't given the proper depth that some of the others had.  He started out as a rule-following, just-out-of-the-academy, wet-behind-the-ears walking clichè, to ... well, not as wet-behind-the-ears, but still a rule follower etc etc -- well you get the point.  He was an SJ.  Really the only crewman (human) that we were introduced to who was normal, without the baggage, and did his job.  He was most definitely an I in that he often relied on Tom to do the talking for him. - Strongest Letters(s): J

Nelix (portrayed by Ethan Philips) - Best Guess: ESFJ - Neelix is a textbook example of an ESFJ.  "The Provider".  This was his entire function of Voyager. He was happy, loved talking about feelings and making others feel good.  Of course his knack for hosting was his most obvious way of showing this.  Now, early on, pre-Voyager, he was involved in some shady areas, and he was great at improvising, so you can almost see some ESFP/ESTP type qualities buried within; but with Neelix, it always comes back to his role as the ship's provider.  Of food, social gatherings and so on.   - Strongest Letters(s): ES

Seven of Nine (portrayed by Jeri Ryan) - Best Guess: ISTP - One of the most polarizing characters within the Trek community (and clearly a ploy at boosting the ratings), Seven is actually a surprisingly clever character with likability.  Of course, she was also a walking stereotype and never developed beyond this (with the occasional move to "humanity" in which Janeway tried to developer within her).  As one would expect from a Borg drone, she had little or no emotion (maybe slightly more by the show's end), disregarded all rules, hierarchy and has little pleasure in social communications.  She is clearly an I-TP.  One might make a case that she is an INTP.  Perhaps her scientific background or general lack of SP qualities, but with the non-human of the show (well, she is technically human but I think you get it) typing is not an easy (or realistic) thing.  She is impulsive like an SP and also lets her hands to the talking as seen in "The Crafter" portrait.  So, INTP or ISTP, take your pick. - Strongest Letters(s): IT

The Doctor (portrayed by Robert Picardo) - Best Guess: ISTJ - content Here we go again, trying to type a non-human.  The Doctor is a computer program.  So it is obvious he is not programmed to go against ... his programming.  He also gets really irritated (and doesn't deal well with) interruptions   This all points to STJ.  Since his programmer apparently forgot to instill any social "sub-routines" within him, he is obviously introverted (I).  His reach for humanity and stepping outside of his programming doesn't really do anything to disprove any of this.  Perhaps one can make a case for an N.  Especially in the way he practices medicine.  I believe he is ultimately more inline with an SJ portrait. - Strongest Letters(s): ITJ

Kes (portrayed by Jennifer Lien) - Best Guess: INFP - Kes was the closest thing Voyager had to a ship's counselor.  And her emphathic ways really drove home the NF side of her.  All in all, emotions really sums up her character.  If Kes is around, you know feelings will be discussed and a softer side of things displayed.  (And do we have yet another poorly developed character here? Yes.) - Strongest Letters(s): F

So, there you have it.  Voyager seemed to be dominated with the STP-type.  Which means lots of action, lots of rule breaking and lots of overall disregard.   DS9 clearly had better characters, but Voyager seemed to be a nice contrast while both shows ran together. Definitely much more lighter and this was reflected in the cast.