Thank you for viewing my Pop Culture Personality profiles.  This is a really old blog that I don't really update anymore.

Since I have written most of these posts, I realize how wrong many of them are.  I am not going to take it down or probably never change or update any posts that I know could be typed better, because, hey, I rather start conversation on the subject.  I am not trying to force my opinions on anyone.

Most of my effort these days are on my side project called The MBTI Database.  It is an Android app.  Join me there where you can vote on your opinions on these subjects!

There is also a website based on the app, but it really is a side, side, side project.  Not as comprehensive or designed as well, but it does work! www.mbtidatabase.com


The Author, The Blogger, The LettuceMaster, or "just"  Eddie.

updated 10/2016


Morten Rønnelund said...

Good stuff.

Requesting analysis of:

"Sons of Anarchy" - very interesting bunch of (heroic) criminals. Some actually trying to be good.

"The Newsroom" - I'm a huge Aaron Sorkin fan. Go Toby, INTP, West Wing.

"House of Cards" - very manipulative group of people. Makes for some interesting analysis on the negative sides of the personalities.

"Touch" - heavy on introversion. Some good stuff for introverts to dwell on.

Morten Rønnelund


Angela Michaelina said...

I think adding profiles for the more principle characters on "The Simspons" is something you should consider. I might sound like a snob when suggesting the following, but so be it: the profiles should be based on how the characters appear in the "Classic Years" (i.e. the single-digit seasons). Frankly, the characters are pretty flat, and behave differently and erratically during the double-digit seasons.

Angela Michaelina